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Wednesday, 10 January 2007



Dude...let me get you a pacemaker ;-)
Love that sandwich shop I always get the pork, dlb on the meat and single dip and generously apply the hot mustard, slaw and the custard. YUM. I found out double dipping the bread would cause me to slurp it down versus chewing it slowly and enjoying it.;-)

The taquito place I got to try...

The Guilty Carnivore

I remember a stupid beer commercial from a couple years ago when some guy claimed, "I once drove 75 miles for 3 rolled tacos."

I now know what he meant.

Christine D.

yikes! I'd like to see an unsuspecting person try to pour some coffee at Cielito Lindo!


yes! lard over trans fats any day!

nice taquito pics... mouth salivating... need to make taquito run soon... ;)


So much good food near that train station! I like the pork sandwich and macaroni salad at Philippe's.

Andy 食神

Living in San Diego now, do you find yourself calling them "rolled tacos" instead of taquitos sometimes? hahaha....

Last time we went, my sis ordered a pickled egg and I laughed at her because it was pink! hahahaa..... great place.


Hey Kirk!
I think I would be quite content with lots of rolls and a container of jus, good call :)

LARD in a coffee pot! That is magical - no wonder it was so good :) Mmm, lard also does wonders for the crust in egg custard taste, hehe!

Captain Jack

Ya Mon,
That was a breakfast sure to cure any hangover (including mine). Do we know how to roll in LA or what? Those Entourage boys got not'in on us. Epic trip bro.

Captain Jack

Oh by the way,
did you ever send the New Otani a thank you note for the open bar on Saturday night? I just loved those free, long pulls of aged single malt scotch. Such an accommodating bunch they were. Good times for one and all. Wait... "I can't recall".


Hi Billy - sounds great...though I love slurpin'.....

Hi GC - LOL! I road the rails 120 miles for a taquito!!

Hi Christine - I think you've got something here...why bother with the taquito, just give me a glass o'lard, and get it over with! ;o)

Hi DCCF - You were right, those taquitos were good, thanks for the rec'.

Hi Candice - Yes, so much food within a walking distance of Union Station.

Hi Andy - By God you're right...I do call them Rolled Tacos now! Oh my, what's happening to me!!!!

Hi Kathy - Ah, rolls and jus, a lady after me own heart.....or something is after my heart, after eating those taquitos!

Hi CJ - Too many more breakfasts like that one, and the word "roll" would be more appropriate than you think! And yes, I remember CJ's way of making friends and influencing people! ;o)


Dude, watching a petite Asian girl eat a breakfast that big isn't just a "sight to behold," it's damn sexy as well. Damn sexy. I miss college.

- Chubbypanda


That lamb dip is just awesome. Even when it's mediocre, it's still good, especially slathered in the hot mustard.

Kudos on the lard fried taquitos. I think my heart just skipped a beat.


We've passed Celito Linda several times in the last month and never realized it was a taco shop (for some reason I thought it was a flower stand)...yes, it's still there seven years later. Next time!


Hey Cathy - Good to know! It's like 80 years and going strong!

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