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Friday, 19 January 2007


The Office Goat

Interesting ... and vaguely healthy. We'll give the Mira Mesa one a shot (looks like it's next to the Baskin Robbins and Chipotle and Submarina and near the L&L).

Andy 食神

That food was all too wild... it was indeed "EXTREME". I could hardly restrain myself from popping out of my chair because it was so, "EXTREME". good heavens.... my heartrate is almost 90 beats per minute!


Hi OG- the Nutritional Guide is in the store and also on the main company website (, as with everything, there are some smarter choices than others. The flavors of so many fresh vegetables help with not feeling deprived. They even grill some of the veggies for the salads. Do try it.


Oh, Andy, I do understand your excitement. I tried to tone it down as much as I could...but it was so difficult. I am sure this is waaay unusual food up in Canada, where most of the stores are located. I think the Big Country (chicken and steak) sounds just too wild and crazy for me...but one day I probably will be *really * hungry and break down and get it...;)

Rasa Malaysia

The baked pita / pizza looks very delicious. :)


Hi Rasa, it was a very good pizza-like meal, heavy with cheese and the other ingredients. Thanks for stopping by.


The felafel was actually good? I tried that at the Convoy store about 6 months ago and got try, tasteless felafel pucks.


I ate one falafel nugget by itself and it had a nice garlic flavor. There was, of course, more exterior crunchiness than just a bite of a whole falafel would have, kind of like how a tater tot is different than a hash brown patty. The combination of the falafel tots with the veggies did taste good. If I were to have a plate of the falafel tots with some hummus or tzatziki, then, maybe not.


that pizza looks muy bueno...

low carb too huh?


Hi DCCF- The nutritional guide says its about 62 carbs, which is better than a lot of whole small pizzas have...its mainly the larger sized pita and sauce(some sugar in there)that contribute to the carbs. It was very good tasting and large enough for a meal.


Wow, i just tried the Philly Cheesesteak and it is out of this world. The guy behind the counter recomemmend, chopped tomatoes, pineapples, and peppercini's with their chipotle mayo sauce...

Mouthwatering, i will be going back this week!


I am so glad you liked it here, trent. It is yet another place I may have ignored. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


I'm not sure if any of you have been over to Extreme Pita lately. But they just started printing out all the particular nutritional information on the recipts when you pay. I must admit, it is pretty cool.



Oooh, I've been to the Starbucks next door a lot, but had not gone over (I usually go whenit is crowded) Trent. I love looking at those nutritional info things, and with them giving you a receipt showing you that you are eating healthy, that's good advertising. I think I have a lunch planned now!

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