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Wednesday, 17 January 2007



haha i just went to Buga tonight with a friend of mine.

we got the Marinated Rib Eye and the marinated Bulgogi.

The panchan was rather interesting, they had one that was a fried veggie.. i want to say a pepper? but it was fried almost like a chip, then there was salt over it.

also a thin sliced sweet potato fried and left to dry a little so its almost like a chip as well.

as always i love Bugo, the meat is just so delicious there. The table next to us ordered probably 8 orders of non marinated bulgogi, justa giant mound


also as always the service is wonderful =P


mmm..yoso..very good !! Googled on Asian food and saw your line "why are they so many Asian food blogs.."
I'm however another one..hmm :) By the way, the crispy fish looks good, crouching tiger flying fish ? *grins*
Cheers :)


Have you tried the Korean BBQ place next to Jamillah Gardens called (I think) Arirang?
We went there for dinner recently because the wait was too long at Tajima and I really liked it. Of course I'm not exactly a connoisseur of Korean BBQ but we had shrimp and marinated beef and both were really great with lots of vegetables. (Love the green onions.)

May be worth a try. I thought the panchan were pretty good as well.

Passionate Eater

Just caught up with your posts after coming back from vacation, and loved everyone of them! I agree, pork fat is really delici-oso!! Also, I agree about avoiding "dark blood meat." I am sure that Mama Mmm-Yoso!! has a high tastebud tolerance for that kind of meat, but like you, I too like to avoid it.

Also, you and the Missus are so kind for putting up that post for the the doggie orphan you found on the street. This past week, when I was visiting my Mom and I saw a poor little pooch running up the freeway off-ramp onto the freeway as we were exiting. My heart sunk, and I hope he (or she) ran into a generous couple like you and the Missus and got off the Southern California freeway.


Hey Kirk!
I've never heard of "dark blood meat" - but now I think I want to give it a try...just to see!
And man, that's some pretty awesome futomaki you got there. Didn't see that at Kozo Sushi last time I checked! :)


in regards to jenne.

i've been there before. THeir service was good when my friends and i went. The waitress at the moment said she had a daughter the same age as my friends and i so we all talked with her for awhile and she basically cooked all of our food =).

i remember their short rib being especially tasty there but not much else comes to mind other than the service =x


Hi, Kirk--is the "dark blood meat" the stuff from the fish's bloodline? I always wondered whether anyone did anything with that stuff. Actually, given my fondness for strong-tasting meats, I bet I could get into some Chi-ai. :-)

ed (from Yuma)

I agree about the ban chan at Buga. There was nothing unusual, especially interesting, or memorable. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed as I had always thought the ban chan there was the best in town.

My other problem was with the oxtails. Not only was the broth rather bland, but I thought the tail was a bit undercooked. I'm used to oxtail that almost falls off the bone, when the connective tissue has gotten soft and you can suck the meat off and leave a largely clean bone. Of course, that may reflect my family's culinary traditions rather than standard Korean style.


I am now wimpering, "Pork belly...pork belly!" Sigh.


I wish I'd actually had the time to read this during hump day today. Stupid job what gets me the monies to eats da foods... *mutter mutter*

Those shots from Sammy's look amazing. I'd really like to try some sushi of that caliber here in OC.

As a side note, you've been tagged for my Save Our Faves 2007 food blogger meme. You can get the details from my blog. Hope you'll join the fun. =)


Yummm, can't wait to get my KBBQ fixen to night - all you can eat baby!!!!


Hi Clayfu - I love ,love, love Buga! ;o)

Hi MW - Welcome and thanks for commenting....more like crouching tiger Frying fish! LOL!

Hi Jenne - I'd been to the lunch buffet at Arirang, and thought it really not very good. But I heard that they are under "new" management/owndership...and also heard that they have Black Goat, which means we'll be there shortly!

Hi PE - Nothing like a little pork belly in my belly! Looks like we may have a new addition to our household soon......

Hi Kathy - Toro at Kozo! Now that would be news.... ;o)

Hi Mizducky - My Mother really used to like it....but I never developed a taste for it...but I may have changed my mind after eating it here.

Hi Ed - I thought the oxtail was a bit undercooked as well.....

Hi Sher - Pork Belly....pork belly...pork belly! LOL!

Hi CP - Sounds like you get your share at Frenzy! Let's see what I can come up with for that meme.....I haven't done one in a while.

Hi Billy - Hope you have a good one!


Hi Kirk, thanks for linking me :) Oh, my bet, fried it is with a spear of the bamboo skewer right into the eyes :P Btw, if you drop by Buena Park, they have a really good korean buffets, loads of protein and varieties of delicate side dishes - Pine Hill. If you get lucky you get some cod caviar ovaries too *lol*


Hi MW - It's my pleasure, you've got a wonderful blog. Sounds like you're talking about Shirako...Cod Sperm Sack? It's not one of my favorite things, but I'll eat it if you put it in front of me.


Kirk, thanks !! :) yuppers, think they marinate it with spicy hot kimchi chili peppers and when grill, its absolutely great. I made tempura with that before, bit hard to fry to perfection, certainly not something I would eat often, but never raw ?

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