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Thursday, 11 January 2007



Never really had the urge to try soba. I might give it a shot at the Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa...


Sounds right up my alley. I'm a big fan and Ten Zaru Soba and Sansai Udon.

- Chubbypanda

Joseph E

We are definitely trying this place soon. It seems to fill a good niche in the Japanese food scene, and I love the touch of class with nice plates. The platform for the tonkatsu could make all the difference in keeping the breading crunchy. I'm glad you recommended it.

And my wife still needs to see the plastic food.


That all looks wonderful--except for the miso soup!


Also, there are always two ladies standing near the back, who clear the table for you. You don't have to carry anything to the trash. The only thing that I think is odd is no hot tea, just water is available. I have walked into Mitsuwa and bought a bottle or can of cold tea while waiting for the food.

Captain Jack

Kayaba looks great! Another informative and educational piece of reporting by the mmm-yoso team. I think I will steer clear of the curry though. "Powdery" is not an appetizing descriptor

The Guilty Carnivore

I was sad to hear you tell me last summer that my favorite quick-stop ramen shop in San Diego had closed. This player-to-be-named-later looks good...but no ramen?


How about a taste test with the new Curry House next to Nijiya?


You took the words out of my mouth - that's a fantastic looking potato salad! I've never been a huge mac salad fan, but potato salad? YES!


Plastic food…If it was not for the plastic food in windows in restaurants in Japan, I would have starved my first year in Japan. I can’t recall how many times I brought the server outside in order to point at the food of my choice.

Plastic food rules!!!


I agree with Kathy (above) with the mac salad. Why they started leaving potatoes out of the salad, befundles me, still.


The tonkatsu looks really good - I might make some sometime this week! And where do they get those draining racks?

BTW, it looks like the crouton is not youshoku, but is "fu", the ever dreaded "wheat gluten" product.


Hi, I'm a Japanese staying SD. Your blog is our lighthouse for exploring for good eats in SD... thank you!
BTW, "the crouton" in miso soup (I agree with you... It looks waterly) is fried tofu, a genuine Japanese ingredient called "Age" or "Abura-age". We use it very often for miso soup and also for the skin of "Inari-sushi"... FYI.


Hi Bill - I used to hate soba as a kid...but now I enjoy it.

Hi CP - Good stuff all around.

Hi JosephE - You're right, Kayaba does fill a need here in SD.

Hi Sherry - That miso soup is pretty bad.

Hi Cathy - Actually, most of the Mitsuwa food courts work the same way.

Hi CJ - I just didn't care for that curry at all.....

Hi GC - Sorry no ramen....but there is still an area boarded I keep hoping, maybe that would really fill a need!

Hi Trent - Yes, Curry House will be coming up....

Hi Kathy - This salad is really to my taste, though you might want to avoid it if you don't like onions.

Hi Jim - Another person saved by plastic food! They should do a show on that..."I was saved by plastic food"

Hi RONW - I know.....over the years potato started cost???

Hi Ed - Funny, I saw some of those racks at Marukai in Gardena...and was tempted to buy some, but I don't think I'd use them very much.

Hi Jiro - Welcome and thanks for commenting. So it's aburage, eh? Well it's the most sorry excuse for aburage I've ever seen or tasted...totally mushy like soggy bread. I use aburage alot, I even have some in the frig right now, and I still couldn't identify it! LOL!


I just went to Kayaba today and I know what you mean about the menu being hard to read--I got confused and accidentally asked for oyakodon instead of katsudon, but it was pretty good anyway and I liked the pickles that came with it. Maybe shibazuke?

I agree, the soup was horrible, and it was in fact abura-age in there though it didn't taste like much of anything. Blah.

I like how they show Japanese TV--good practice to keep up my language skills.

Next time maybe I'll try the soba.


Hi Jenne - Yes, it is Shibazuke, I don't know if I mentioned that or not, around New Year's there's always good tsukemono available at the markets. Best thing is to get which item# you to remember soba vs udon though.

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