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Saturday, 13 January 2007


Captain Jack

Wow, that Chile Relleno soup looks great. I also saw the Albondigas on the menu. That is one of my favorite Mexican soups. These soups would be good on a rainy day if we ever get one. ;)


Now that looks like some excellent soup. Wonder how the menudo and posole are ...


Hi CJ- All of the soups here are excellent...and I think this is true at most taco shops. But I had never heard of, much less tried chile relleño you know I *had* to. Yes, fine weather we are having, isn't it?
Mizducky- All of the soups are good, with rich broths. All of the photos on our blog will enlarge if you click onto them. The pozole and menudo are both $5.35.


Boy!! Those are some really nice soups!!!!!! Right now, with the cold weather--soup is the thing to eat.


...and more filling than Football Watching munchies, too, Sher...:(


That looks good...I assume you're not a menudo fan? Me either but any other sopas is fine with me.


Hi Bill...I will eat meñudo, but it isn't anything I have a craving for and I don't have enough of a discerning palate to be able to 'rate' a good from a great meñdo. Also, The Mister and I went on a Friday and I don't eat meat on that day of the week, so it was either vegetable or the Chile Relleños...

The Office Goat

Wow ... looks great! My wife drives right by it (on the 52) every day, hopefully the soups all travel well so she can pick some up for dinner!


It is good...and there isn't much that could mush up n a drive (the rice would be packed separately). It should be fine. If you do go inside to eat, even though its a taco shop, they bring it to your table. The guys who work here were particularly nice to me when I had my cast(to my shoulder, for 5 weeks, if I haven't stressed that enough). After one (of 5)of my cast changes/wrist manipulations, I came here for a burrito and both of them came out and helped me with salsa, the door, my car...good food and nice people. Perfect!


The only Mexican soup I've tried so far is menudo, but I really love it. Oh, how I love it!


I am seeing more of the seafood and shrimp soups available daily around here, usually meñudo is available only on Fri-Sat-Sun and then this place had a home made chicken soup, the veggie one and then, well chile relleños...ever since the Center for Science in the Public Interest said that Chile Relleños are the worst possible Mexican food you can eat, well, its been an obsession with coconut oil popcorn....go ahead, tell me what I am not supposed to eat, and I will develop a craving for it...

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