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Friday, 26 January 2007



Hi Toisan...I am happy that when Rite Aid bought out Thrifty, they kept the ice cream scoop area, as well as the ice cream in the 1/2 gallon cartons. I never bought ice cream on Goldfinch....but it may have been there when we moved here (1984).


Thanks Cathy and NGO! I appreciate the input. I must say Cathy, I'd really like to hear a more detailed description of the Italian version of the hazelnut ice cream. The last time I was in Spain was ... in '78 or so? Regardless, it's been a long time and I would dearly love to go back.

NGO, Cathy is quite right. I do live in the middle of a culinary "Nowheresville", so to speak. I am very glad to say; however, that there are some attempts to change this. I posted on a local BBQ spot that specializes in BBQ, you can follow my name link if your interested in reading it, the title is "Q for Spain" and it was posted on November 15th. We also have a superb coffee house, "Muddy's". The owner roasts his own beans. Now, thanks to Muddy's, I may be making my own little splash in the area with biscotti. Almond to start with, but hazelnut is second in line assuming I can source at an appropriate price. However! Guess what sort of plants are native to the area (and I'm very "into" native species plants) HAZELNUTS! SO, we might be having both the hazelnuts, the biscotti, AND the ice cream, right here in our very own back yard! For now, we will just have to do with Nutella which requires a 100 mile round trip to acquire. ;o)


You finally rousted me out of Lurkersville! I brought home a hand-packed quart of my personal favorite flavor, Mexican Chocolate, only last month. This was always a prerequisite for any family celebration. Thanks for sharing a uniquely San Diego taste experience.


Hi Jo- it was more Nutella Cream than anything with hazelnut chunks...kind of exotic for 1985...
EJ- Thanks for coming out of the woodwork! It is a wonderful place (here and Niederfrank's)...and all Kirk and I do is blog about what we eat...and, well, I do stop in here when in the general just so happened to be at the absolute coldest time of the year, which is mildly amusing and I thought would make for a good story.


Yep. VERY exotic to us Americans! The Spanish versions are just nuts, no chocolate. Somewhat surprising actually. NOW, I want some ice cream! ::sigh::


I used to get an all-nut cake mix, made by Pillsbury, Jo. Lots of Arabic writing on it- I think it was not meant to be sold here. It was perfect. I have not much use for chocolate, unless maybe one small piece of very dark chocolate...and I am satisfied..and I don't crave it very often.


All nut cake mix? As in nut flour versus wheat flour? That sounds very intriguing! I'm very fond of Middle Eastern nut pastries.... awww heck, who am I kidding? I'm EXTREMELY fond of pastries period. Particularly if they are NOT American (to large, to sweet, and to expensive!) Have you tried to get this cake mix lately? Or have they discontinued it?


I made it as a loaf mix, Jo. It was mostly finely chopped nuts, but I had to add an egg and some oil, so I suppose it was cake based. I saw it at one of those Grovery Outlet stores and bought all the boxes they had and used them at Christmas for pseudo-fruitcakes. The main things I remember were the Arabic writing on them and that they were Pillsbury.


Fascinating! I've contacted Pillsbury about a listing of their internationally distributed products. I haven't recieved a response yet and truthfully I doubt I shall. Something of a shame actually. There are so many things and people who are "displaced", if a product is available in one part of the world, then it should be available in all parts of the world. At least for really large concerns...


Hi Jo....lots of things are regional because of individual tastes, that would not go over in other parts of the country...a current example is that the Starbucks in the Metro Detroit area and regions are all selling Panczki (jelly donuts) in their stores from today (Feb 1) until "Fat Tuesday" (Feb 20)- the day before Lent. Just as the bakeries stop making Panczki and only make Hot Cross Buns for Lent...that whole sacrifice thing Catholics do...(methinks I have a post coming up...)...So the nut cake had probably been tested and did not sell well in America and that is why it isn't available anywhere anymore...but at least The Mister and I enjoyed it...


I agree 100%. Still, there should be a way to "special" order certain things. By the by, I love the idea that you are contemplating a Lenten post. If you want a Euro Catholic's thoughts, ask me! My dad is Spanish Catholic. ::laughing:: Even guilt comes in flavors! ;o)


Hi Jo, I'll keep you in mind...but oh yes, Polish-Catholic has its own idiosyncracies, too. I just have been overwhelmed with work the last 3 days...and the blog hasn't been a priority.


::roaring with laughter:: Not to worry, I understand that blogging isn't the end all be all of life! ;o) Although the desire to sit and exercise my delicately dainty digits to lean mean typing machines is sometimes overwhelming.... ::giggle::


I understand the need to type, Jo. I spent this morning at Panera, without wifi, did not carry my mobile phone and tried to rest a little, before going to Vons to get the new sale stuff and then coming home do more work before the Super Bowl tonight. Unfortunately, this is a kind of hectic time of year for me and so I am glad Kirk asked me to help him out when it wasn't so busy, so I got used to, and enjoy, blogging and don't feel totally overwhelmed right now...and I have ideas flowing constantly.


Hey, Kirk is pretty awesome and he has an incredible philosophy on blogging. You couldn't have asked for a better mentor in the craft. By way of encouraging words, be aware that there are times when thoughts won't flow out the fingers and when time does not allow. Let those things happen and don't stress, particularly if you have little ones to tend. I had a difficult time getting my priorities in order particularly when we got the house. My husband, house, and kids come first. Blogging, love it as much as I do, must come behind those things. I've put a time budget in place to help me insure that there is time for cleaning, cooking, caring, AND writting. I have some books in process so I can't put all my typing to my blog, but I try to rotate it around so I'm doing a little bit of coverage everywhere. My cook book is getting particularly good attention lately as I'm working to develop quite a few new recipes here of late.

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