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Friday, 26 January 2007


Joseph E

How does it compare to Mariposa in Normal Heights?

Do they make custard-based, European-style ice cream, or "Philadelphia-style" with no eggs?


The custard is "East Coast" style- the right texture, no eggs (there is only one custard on the menu). The only Ice Cream flavor I have had at Mariposa is the coconut and it has always been good and not overly sweet. The two are on par with each other. Both places are similar in quality, but Niederfranks has more flavors...and is a little more expensive. I would stop at either one if I was in the neighborhood...and I was in National City. :)


nothing like full cream 100% milk fat ice cream....melt so smoothly in your mouth.......Ben and Jerry will have to do for me right now :-(


Oh yes, Billy, I know what you mean. If you are ever at a San Diego Trader Joe's, the organic milk in the 1/2 gallon plastic carton is Cream Top...I don't think it is sold in another county; I know it is made by Strauss...and the Trader Joe's brand cream top yogurt for 79¢ in the cherry vanilla flavor are two staples I get every single time I walk into TJ's.

wandering chopsticks

I love these old-fashioned kind of places. :)


Ooo, someone else who doesn't like Sandra Lee. I call that show the "Creepy Stepford Wife Show." Not only do I find her annoying, but to me she looks like a bored trophy wife one might find on Desperate Housewives.

It seems like every time I flip through that show she's mixing up some sort of booze, like Halloween-themed martinis, or Brazilian capirinas, or zesty margaritas to share with all her Creepy Stepford Wife friends. *shudder*

Alton Brown's show is very entertaining. Did you catch the turkey frying episode? It was very educational, and because I had watched that show, I ended up being in charge of frying the turkey at my cow-orker's Thanksgiving party.


Hi WC- Yes, its just so good to see and still be able to experience the way it was 59 years ago.
Oh, Fred, I don't 'hate' Sandra, per se...I find her show more as "fluff" for my brain...mindless drivel, if you will...whereas 'thinking' shows are far more interesting...Alton Brown being the only one that I still learn AND food in one show! Like when I realized CSI was science and a mystery in an hour...

Brian Bautista

Wow, I didn't know that place is still around! I remember my dad used to take me there as a child to get ice cream. I dunno if they still have that life size Native American statue there. :P


Oh it still is here, Brian...and I am pretty sure the Indian is in the room to the left when you walk in. I saw a lot of stuff stored in there. They only have the tables out front and one inside available. I bet the ice cream will still taste teh same to you. They still make their own cones too. Thanks for stopping by the blog.


now I need to stop by TJ for some heavy cream for so yummy clam chowder...hmmm chowder ice cream. ;-)


Ah the infamous chowder recipe...good on these cold evenings. Look for the cream top yogurt; the container is vertically striped. Try it. If they don't have it, Brown Cow brand has a cream top version sold in Vons/Safeway and Wild Oats.


I have a major sweet tooth. I'll definitely check this place out!


Hi Cathy,
I've always wondered about Niederfranks - I've passed by it a lot of times but never bothered to stop. Gotta try it next time I'm in the area!

Re: Fred's comment on Sandra Lee. I totally agree that she's a "Creepy Stepford Wife". She probably doesn't even eat any of the fattening things she makes. Look at her bony body!


Hi Liz-Its *really* good. Even in this weather.
Hi Reynila-yes, do stop. Its been there since 1947, after The War ended...
As for Sandra...there is so much of 'buy a package of this and put it into individual serving bowls and then gently spoon on this, after you open the bottle' that I can't help but laugh when I see her...and always, always, end it with some sort of alcoholic beverage...while making it look pretty on the tablescape.


::sigh:: Ya know, I haven't craved ice cream since my last baby was born... SO sad... Anyhow, merely for the sake of being naughty, I take umbrage that you have refered to the coconut used as "real" inferring that dessicated coconut or toasted coconut are not real. I'm a fan of coconut pretty much any way you can dish it. > All I am asking, is give Coconut a chance!


Oh, sorry Jo...I love coconut in all forms, but have had toasted coconut tossed into vanilla ice cream once too many times and haven't had the nice, wet (like from the bag of Baker's Brand)soft coconut in ice cream in a long while. These were larger pieces and you could taste coconut flavor in them as well as in the ice cream part. That was what I meant. Sorry, I was trying to make a few "diversionary" posts after the ruckus caused by another post on Thursday...


::laughing:: I was just teasing you! Coconut is a fabulous stuff and I actually am rather intrigued by the idea of that type of coconut in an ice cream. I agree that the "toasted" coconut flavor doesn't really do well in an ice cream. Though, now that I'm pondering it, maybe it's in the way it's added. My favorite ice cream flavor is hazelnut the way it is made in Spain. I've worked on replication for years! Decades even! I think they incorporate a sort of paste made of toasted nuts. The "custard" or base of the ice cream is not as dense as our typical ice cream. The result is a very light, nutty flavor that to me, is out of this world. They do the same thing with almonds. Kudos to your diversionary tactics by the by!


Jo, I have noticed several different hazelnut pastes (and not just Nutella) from various countries at Cost Plus, Barons, and the misc ethnic/mediterannean stores, and packed in jars, tubs, cans, or tubes. Oh, darn, guess you just have to do some research...


Hi again, Jo...I did have some sort of hazelnut ice cream when I met The Mister in Italy and remember it was fact all of Italy was great...the food, the people, the trip. I'm thinking I will have to renew that know, for research.
MGO- good suggestions for Jo, but she does kind of live in the middle of nowhere, although I am sure on her next venture to the "Big City" she may be looking for some of the stuff you suggested. We are very fortunate to be living here in this large city with such a diverse population and choice of grocery stores...Thanks for stopping by!


Oh, I totally remember Niederfrank's! We'd make the trek from our house in Valencia Park to National City to enjoy the best ice cream. The alternatives were 5-cent scoops at Sav-On or Thrifty's Drug Stores.

Does anyone remember that Niederfrank's had an additional location where Phil's (on Goldfinch) is/used to be?

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