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Monday, 15 January 2007



I ate here once. I thought it was good but nothing extraordinary.

What makes the place special, however, is that they carry Mashti Malone's ice cream! I think they only carry the rose saffron flavor, but nevertheless it is quite delicious.


I saw the rose ice cream, Ted...but you know...with the weather lately (the leaves on one of my 4 foot tall jade plants fell to the ground, sounding like broken glass, the other morning)....I am going to try the daily specials just to see if there is a standout...the pomegranate chicken has me intrigued.


oo.. they carry mashti malone's? now i don't have to trek up to LA to find it.


Ok, CSB and Ted, I gotta go back and buy some now...despite the temperature...


Is Yummy Maki still next door? We used to go there all the time for sushi when we lived in San Diego.


Yes it is, Michelle...right between International and Tiramisu. I will blog about it soon....


I love Persian food unless they overdo the lemon. Some places, that's all you can taste.


Hi CP- no lemon overload here; its good home cooking...even the stews/daily specials I have tried all have just a touch, if not too little, acidity.

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