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Sunday, 21 January 2007



Hey Cathy - Needless to say...I'll be eating here soon!

wandering chopsticks

Ooooh, that pita panini looks awesome! And I'd totally be all over the crab and asparagus soup. I wonder if they'd make it eggdrop-style or creamed?


Hi Kirk..I sent you the weekly specials, so you can plan accordingly. I love pea soup, so may be there sure to check out the The Market next door, too...not just fruits and veggies at all....
Hey WC- yes. Its just a veggie one and was good; extremely unexpected on my part. The soup..yes, it could be made either way...guess I'll just have to check it out.


Wow nice find wish there was one in OC like that...


I am *so* happy I went in here, Billy. Its gourmet. I see on the website they are looking to franchise. Its the chefs that make it though...


Sometime I wish I went into culinary school...gourmet food under $10.oo. I'd eat it ;-)


Oh Bill, you can go back to school, or are able to just take a class. Its all in the matter of how you arrange your time. We *all* make time to stop and sit down inside a Starbucks, right? We can make time to stop and sit in on a class...You never stop learning.




Eh, we all have the same minutes given to us every day. I think spending a few now, so I can learn to eat well/fancy and maybe feed a few friends a few years down the road is worth it. Then again, I've kind of got a lot of odd habits you might find interesting...I like that you are kind of thinking about steps...make it a resolution to do one thing this year to learn more about down here and go to Everyday Hero for inspiration...


My boyfriend and I go here at least once a week and have tried almost everything on the menu. This Deli is nothing but gourmet. I've tried to get the word out to as many people I know... this blog says it all!!! I just wish there was something else I could do to let everyone know what yummy, fresh, creative food they serve, and always with a smile. Simple doesnt always mean plain... and this Deli is a fine example of that.


Hi put it more succinctly than I did, and its so true. Word of mouth is always the best advertising and this is how we can do it. I really do hope everyone who reads about it remembers the directions and tries to get over to Everyday Hero...and thanks for taking the time to comment.


My friend and I had fun eating here for her birthday. I had a salad, she had a sandwich, and we brought home sandwiches for our families. All of it was delicious, plus the service was great!


Hi Louise. Thanks for stopping by to comment. It is wonderfully 'gourmet', isn't it?

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