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Thursday, 25 January 2007



aww.. my hometown! I'm so jealous! I haven't been back since Nov 05... have tons of fun! mmmm such great food!


Have fun in Seattle! Be sure to check out Boka, Coupage and Serious Pie. You can skip Barolo IMHO. :-)


Hi Kirk, I believe its in Washington. Pikes Place to be exact. :)


Hi Aileen - All the waaay back to November, huh? And you already miss Seattle...we haven't been back since Thanksgiving weekend of '03. Seattle is a wonderful city, with wonderful people!

Hi Rob - Sheesh, I shoulda consulted with you before making plans. Thanks for the suggestions!I've written them down, and will keep them in case we can squeeze something in.

Hi Jean - Yep, it's the pig in front of Pike's Place.

Christine D.

haha, i couldn't even guess where you were going! Have fun in Seattle!

Yay for the doggie!


Hi Christine - Thanks!

wandering chopsticks

Hey Kirk,
I've been sort of thinking about this myself. One of the frequently googled searches to my blog is Fu Lin, that not so great Chinese restaurant I wrote about a while back. And I was feeling guilty b/c they're just a mom and pop operation and what if my experience and write-up prevented other people from going there? But it's not as if my blog alone would force them out of business. I don't claim to be a professional restaurant reviewer. It was simply my experience. And I did say the service was excellent. I ate the leftovers the next day and they gave me indigestion and I didn't write that, so I thought I left it pretty nice.

Anyway, the Bambu lady seems really defensive. If her restaurant is as great as she says, then she should have plenty of business and no need to badger you. And if her food is as bad as she says, unfortunately, just b/c it's a mom and pop doesn't mean I'm going to eat bad food so they can stay in business.


Hi WC - I'm wondering if She's for real!!! I think I'll do some quotes from Her. You have very valid points....hmmm, why didn't I think of those, you're too smart for me!



i think it would be difficult for you to totally rip a place cause you have a conscience... i mean i wouldn't care because i don't have one, but it always seems like you hold back if anything...

blog on...


i just had to de-lurk to say i can't even believe the overly defensive posture BB has taken on...and here at over 18 months later at that.

i have found that you, Kirk, have been completely fair and open about how a restaurant is - as a regular joe eating, you just blog about it as you see it.

obviously BB's comments should not have any effect on you but just in case you needed another supporter, blog on rockstar! :o)


Oh my...what a challenge...and I was sort of feeling guilty about stating the pizza had no flavor in that last post of mine...but it didn't you know... All we do is blog...I am so happy nobody really knows who we are/what we look like.



Hope you had fun in Seattle. I'll be on my way to Seattle, LA (and SD) or SF soon. Not too sure yet, but will definitely let you know if I'm planning to be in town.


Oh my. That Bamboo Bistro lady and her thinly disguised shill would be really funny if they weren't so irritating. How many messages did she post in one evening? And she claims to be a busy chef without time to spare? Oy. I'm really sorry you had to endure that, Kirk.

But you're getting to go to Seattle! Hurrah! Can't wait to hear all your food adventures. And can I entice you to make a non-food pilgrimage to Archie McPhee? (


Keep it real Kirk! And have a great weekend.


After reading all that I would strive to make my food better and just take it as constructive criticisms. For sure it's not everyones taste but there is always room to improve it. As always strive for perfection. I can feel how BB when someone doesn't like the food. Believe me I feel the same way too but it doesn't prevent me from trying to improve.

Andy 食神

I'm gonna go out ona limb, but the art piece of the man and the swining mallet is now installed at the La Jolla installation of MCASD (Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego)... so is your vacation in La Jolla?

perhaps not

Unless there are two of those art pieces now =)

have a good trip


Bambu is really close to where I live and I frequent many restaurants in the vicinity. I've never gone to Bambu because I haven't heard a single good thing about it, I guess now I never fill.

Andy 食神

ok Kirk give it up.. you're not going to Washington. You're just going down a couple miles west to La Jolla

don't get me wrong, La Jolla Cove is a fabulous place.



I have never found any of your comments to be bashing in nature, nor have I thought that you were harsh. Everyone has opinions and likes/dislikes, but I have always thought that yours were fair and well written. Food blogs are important sources of information and opinions on restaurants and their food and service. Sure, one must realize that not everyone's opinion is indeed factual, but on the other hand, it does represent another valid data point on the graph. In reading your postings, I have come to think that your opinions and observations are right on, judging not only from the pictures but also from your comments that are insightful. For instance, the worst people who as critics (even so-called professional ones) often critique ethnic food restaurants, whether they be Asian or European food restaurants. Some of these critics rave about the Sweet-Sour Chinese dishes (which are not Chinese foods) and they rave about the California and Caterpillar rolls (which are the farthest thing from authentic sushi that you can get). They also love the beef teriyaki (which doesn't exist in Japanese culture) point here is that your comments are authentic and you know your stuff. Even if your opinions do not agree with everyone else's all the time, I think you are right on at least 90+% of the time.

Alice Q. Foodie

I am trying to post a comment, but it thinks it's comment spam? I will send you an email - Alice

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