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Saturday, 27 January 2007


wandering chopsticks

That's sooo cute! I chuckled just looking at it.


Hi WC- I found them and wanted to use them. Its the right surface..and perfectly fit that logo...


Some good looking and good eating carbs you got there...I wish it was wheat ;-)


Slow news day?


Hey Billy...I suppose there may be some wheat based bagels on the menu...or a more healthy choice. I have seen a few peple sharing a plate of fruit and thought that would be nice...then disregarded that thought. In the summer perhaps...
Very observant, Mark...then again, it is a place I do eat...and I blog about what I eat...Kirk is on vacation for a bit, and we usually don't even post on Saturdays...then I also got to jump in when all the ruckus was happening about the other post of Kirk's, and really, I was trying to divert attention away from all that...

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