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Tuesday, 26 December 2006



did you put an olive in the tamale? You didn't?


I know, Ron. The lady who was teaching us said she has *never* had a tamale with an olive in it and that it must be some regional Mexican thing. She grew up out here but has had many tamales that were homemade in her life and said "never".


Hi Cathy,
Are those guajillo and ancho chiles in the picture? Also, does anyone know of a torilleria that sells prepared masa dough? I've gotten small refrigerated pkgs at groceries, but not that much or that fresh. Thanks for the multicultural inclusivity.


Hi Trent- El Porvenir, a *wonderful* 2 booth, 2 table literal hole in the wall (which apparently isn't even listed in the phone book)sells masa preparada...and the freshest tamales, tortillas and carnitas and chile relleños..and that is about it..I will go down there now-Its near the Coronado Bridge just off Cesar Chavez (a few blocks south of the CC entrance), its actually the best. I will report back later today. Thanks for asking!


tamales! I haven't had a good homemade tamale in quite a while. Will try the recipe soon.


Hi Liz- I have magic powers...recipe is to taste, as most good ones are...and it is using ancho and guajillo chiles. The masa was not made with added lard. They are so good....
Now, Trent. El Porvenir, {same block(just behind) Los Cuatros Milepas} 1786 National. They have gone slightly upscale in that they now sell breakfast burritos and are opened (more or less)(that is what the sign says) from 8 am to 5 pm. They don't sell masa preparada at least during the Holidays- competition you know...but they make the best darn tamales for $1.50. Back when we moved out here, they were only 60¢ each. El Porvenir sell just made corn tortillas for 95¢ a dozen and flour (they cook them before giving them to you) for $1.95/doz. Food 4 less sells preparada in 5 pound bags. There are other Mexican Markets that may sell it in large quantities; I will research for you.


Wow, thanks Cathy. I know where Cuatros Milpas is, since I once worked with a guy that was addicted enough to drive down there for lunch!


CM is great, but the line, even today, was out the door. Rain, El Porvenir isn't selling the preparada now, which makes sense, since all the competition would let them do the hard work for these holiday goodies...but yes, I had lunch there today (and took photos).


Yay! Tamales! Get im mah bellah!

- Chubbypanda


They were *excellent*, CP...excellent

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