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Thursday, 28 December 2006



Intresting rub...I usually do coarse salt and pepper rub with alot of rosemarry...Something new to try thanks!


Your rub sounds good too, Billy...the paste stuff we make is also edible on its own...and some people just dip the bread in it and eat it that way...I am unsure if the cooked rosemary would be the same...but I have this GIANT bush in the backyard and am always looking for new ways to use the rosemary.




WOW talk about FOOOOOOF overload!


I agree, Clayfu
The photos aren't even close to showing how much food was there, Billy. There were ten tables and each was packed with food...


oops I forgot to mention olive oil as the glue. The rub I mention is not fully edible, unless you grind up the rosemarry and pepper finely and easy on the salt. But it sure smells good when its in the oven.


I've always wanted to go tailgating. Now I really *really* want to go tailgating.

- Chubbypanda


Cool CP...just know, its not always as good as ours is..we are kinda experts at it...but I can give lots of tips after years of practice....:)

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