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Sunday, 17 December 2006




Thanks for reminding me about Shanghai City; I went there for lunch today to have some Niu Rou Mein. I can't wait to hear about Suzuya BBQ; is that the place right next to Osaka Kitchen? I believe I drove right past it the other day and thought I should like to try it one of these days.


Hi Fred - First off happy holisys to you! Great weather for NRM, huh? And yes, that is the place in the same strip mall as Osaka Kitchen.


wow, i haven't discovered shanghai city yet! at least i don't think i did!

i'll have to check it out soon! thanks!

Passionate Eater

Who requested the AKC Championship photo album?! I want a photo album of Sammy and Frankie too!



You've got some spicy Chinese action goin' on there. I love it! Niu rou mian is one of the quintessential god foods. Ya just gotta have it.

- Chubbypanda


Hi Annie - I thought you've been there? Gotta go between 10am and 3pm on Sat/Sun for the reasonable chinese breakfast.

Hi PE - Sammy and Frankie slipping you notes again! LOL! I'll get that done, but we have soooo many photos!

Hi CP - Yep, just gotta have it!


Man, I really have to try that Niu Rou Mein stuff one of these days real soon--looks like great stuff for cold weather. Kirk, where on Shanghai City's menu is it listed? Or is it on a Chinese-only menu? I went to the restaurant once looking for it, but missed it somehow.


Hi Mizducky - You know, I've never paid much attnetion to the regular menu at Shanghai City....but Jim, the Brunchmaster, and Captain Jack have had success by writing down what they want - Niu Rou Mein and Xiao Long Bao, and just ordering it! Though if you really want to save money(NRM is $4.95) go on a Sat/Sun morning at 10-11am. Good thing...everybody there speaks English and will know what Niu Rou Mein is.


Hi there, have you tried the Shanghai Fried Chao Nian Gao instead of the version that you order(ed)? The version pictured is Xue Tsai Chao Nian Gao. The Shanghai Fried version is much better, in my opinion. As far as the XLB goes, I don't think the Shanghai City version is up to par. XLB is supposed to have juice inside! Not so with Shanghai City's take.


Hi Alex - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I guess I need to ask, up to par compared to what? It's not very good by LA standards(no Din Tai Fung or Meilong Village here), but I haven't found anything better in San Diego(though it varies from visit to visit - on this visit the XLB had an excellent ratio of "soup").....Not Dumpling Inn, which tastes like Jiaozhi, not Chin's which were lousy, not 168, which were really bad, not Mandarin Garden which were not cooked properly, in fact the some of the best XLB in San Diego is buying frozen ones from SDCCI. Or you can make your own:

we were told that the Shanghai Chao Nian Gao used only napa we passed. I do enjoy the version that Chin's makes better....


Kirk - Thanks for the XLB making tutorial. Seems long and arduous but worth it in the end. Have you had the NRM at Meilong Village? I love it there. I actually grew up going to that restaurant. As far as my tastes go, I like the Dumpling Inn XLB's the best. Whenever I've gone to Shanghai City, their XLB's weren't that great. As for the Shanghai Chao Nian Gao, you should give it a try! Let me know what you think.


Hi Alex - The hardest part was making those wrappers....I think the Missus has retired from XLB making! I haven't had the NRM at Meilong Village, yet. You are lucky to have grown up in the area and have so many choices!

ed (from Yuma)

Finally got the Niu Rou Mein at Shanghai City. My God - what a dish. That broth has layers of flavor. First you taste the carmelized darkness. Then the beefy tastes come to the front as you realize that it is beef that has been carmelized (not burnt). Then 5 spice accents dance in your mouth followed by a mellow chili finish. Wow! The beef ranges from slightly chewy to meltingly soft. The chunks of baby bok choi provide a nice green contrast to other flavors/textures though cut in chunks so large as to be hard to eat in one bite. The homemade noodles are wheaty and chewy and flavorful. Probably the best noodles I've had in SD. My only problem was that the noodles aren't limp like pho noodles and I found it hard to get them into the small eating bowl, so I was spilling noodles and broth all over the table. Fortunately, the very friendly waitstaff brought me extra napkins instead of just standing around laughing at me.

Oh, the roast duck at Golden City is very good too - very fresh tasting.


Hi Ed - Good stuff, huh? We did find out, that the noodles are purchased...but they have that home-made feel to them.

Herbert (from Escondido)

Had the Peking Duck at Golden City today! It was excellent; skin was crispy with just the right amount of fat and meat. Really one of the best, and at $18 bucks, what a deal!

Thanks this blog for recommending this & the various Bun Bo Hue places, my gf's favorite!

ed (from Yuma)

Purchased noodles? I was going to say that the friendly person at the register (and all the staff at Shanghai City were very friendly) assured me that they were homemade. But then I realized I had probably asked a leading question like, "those noodles are homemade, aren't they?" What's the person to say to me - "No, you idiot, we get these from . . . ." Well anyway, they tasted good enough to be homemade.


Hi Herbert - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad that you're able to get some useful info from mmm-yoso! Happy Holidays!

Hi Ed - We were a bit surprised as well, we had thought that the noodles were made at the restaurant as well....the texture is very good.


Hi, Kirk:

Your blog is the first real entry for Google under "'Shanghai City' restaurant". I agree with your assessment of the Smoked Tea Duck; it is excellent.

I also found the wait staff patient with someone who was not particularly fluent in Mandarin, but wanted practice. Must now have the beef noodle soup.

Did you see their open hours? (10 am-midnight, 7 days) That's remarkable!


Hi Klug - Yes, Shanghai City is one of those rare finds in San Diego...they are open til rather late. I'll be doing another post on SC soon, we went and had breakfast again, and there are a few changes.

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