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Wednesday, 06 December 2006



Hmmm I wonder how crowded the lines were for lunch. I usually thread lite for lunch and for dinner I go all out but the lunch looks pretty good. Wife and I last time for dinner was $75ish.


Hi nhbilly- It was Monday, a slow day, and we got seated immediately (but were there about 11:45). All the "meat" stations seemed to have people milling about constantly(hence not many photographs), but when we left, there was not a line waiting to get in. I would think its more crowded other days of the week and weekend. The food was superb, and I tend to eat more for lunch and have a light dinner and maybe snack in the evening...and on this evening we had tickets for that Competition....Prices are at least $15 more for dinners and weekends. I can't imagine more food or how much better or different it could be.

wandering chopsticks

Wow, Cathy, I haven't been to Vegas in years but this looks good. Are you gonna try Bellagio's buffet? That's my fave, I love their lambchops and lychees.


Hi Cathy - Looks good. Like WC if we "hit" a buffet in Vegas, it's usually the Bellagio. The last itme there the Missus had a ton of Rambutan, and drew a crowd cause no one knew what it was...I think they thought it was decoration. And before we knew it, everyone had rambutan on their plate......


Hi WC- I have actually never been to Bellagio, except to walk through and check out the fancy restrooms(I love seeing how those casinos spend their money...)for decorating ideas, but next time...I am actually home now; the December trip is only a few days see the Competition.
OK, Kirk...I promise next time I'll try it out. The Mister and I have to go to Vegas for some Continuing Education Credits next year and I will ask for more recommendations. :)

wandering chopsticks

Hey Cathy,

Next time if you do try the Bellagio, they give you free vouchers to skip the buffet line if you play in the casino first. I don't gamble so I'm not sure how much you have to win/lose for that to happen.

Jon Martinez

This brings back memories. I was at the Wynn for a couple of nights earlier this year and hit the buffet a couple of times. When I was there they also had these huge Alaskan King crab legs. These were fresh, meaty and yoso deluxe.....similar to the kind they sell at Costco. The other buffets on the strip have AKC legs but most are of the small, water logged get the picture.


Hi WC-I think you have to have bet a lot per hour, and they want to get you into and out of the buffet quickly, so you will continue betting/ is all a business you know....but since I am new to the Bellagio, sometimes when you go for a Players card the first time, you get a coupon for a free buffet...I will try that route.
Ah, Jon, you might know Mr. C...those guys working in Vegas got very specific about certain aspects of Wynn versus Bellagio...Wynn has gelato and two types of ceviche, Bellagio has the bar and miso soup...and the crab legs at Wynn...yes...the large ones take less work and you get a bunch of tasty crab at one time. Being not waterlogged is the plus. Still, in the interest of "research", for all the blog readers out there, I will try Bellagio next time.

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