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Tuesday, 05 December 2006


Joseph E

What a roller-coaster ride! Your food writing keeps getting better, Kirk. You truly had me expecting some great Jian Bing Guo Zi after all that lead up; I wanted to cry when it turned out to be a disappointment. I'm glad some of the other dishes made up for it. Those dill dumplings looked as good as your description.

Has the Mrs. ever considered contributing to a post? I would love to hear her first-person perspective on these northern Chinese places.


hum, i consider myself pretty well - versed in chinese food (doesn't hurt that i'm chinese and i grew up in diamond bar) but i've never heard of Jian Bing Guo Zi (thought it was a juice at first)

or um.. Guo Ba Cai.

hum interesting i'll have to ask my mom if she knows anything about them.

my gf lives in MP, we go to all these lil places all the time, i highly suggest you go and try some of the Cafe's around there, ah nothing better at 1am in the morning.

Passionate Eater

"San Gabriel Sticky" is the best description I've heard in my life! That is completely true, but you can gauge the quality of the restaurant by the stickiness factor!

wandering chopsticks

Oh man, after that first experience, I don't know if I'd go back for more. And you want to go back a third time? Your missus is an awesome resource though!


"which practically made the Missus swoon"

WOW, I wish I could find something to make my wife swoon!


Thanks for reviewing this. i drive by all the time and see it. It's funny, many restaurants in that shopping center have come and gone. I used to go to the restaurant next door for NRmian and jiao huh jiao huh which is the cold-simmered offals... i think it was called Da Ho. I will try and drop by Saturday at the restaurant. Have a great time.


The lackluster food made me a sad panda.

I'm glad you and the missus liked the place, but I really felt her disappointment through your writing.

- Chubbypanda


I've never heard of Jian Bing Guo Zi before either! Too bad you didn't like their version. I love Chinese donuts, so it sounds particularly intriguing to me...

By the way, I tried making Xiao Long Bao last weekend, and it was a total disaster! How was the missus able to make the wrappers so thin, round and even?


If everyone hasn't already seen these linked from Gary Soup's, check out the technique:

Northern Style Jian Bing :

Southern Style Jian Bing :


Hi JosephE - Thanks for the kind words, sometimes it's just "there" you know...and sometimes it's just another meal. Believe me when I say that the opinion of the Missus is strongly felt in our posts. And there are a few more stories for this trip.

Hi Clayfu - This is real regional cuisine, mostly snacks and homestyle stuff. It's really great that you can get this in restaurants.

Hi PE - When my shoes stick to the floor I sometimes get kinda grossed out....but sometimes there's a good meal at the end of that sticky trail.

Hi WC - There are a few pretty unque items on the menu I'd like to try. And I'd return for the lamb, dill dumplings, and Guo Ba.

Hi Jim - Well we still owe the both of you some maybe we'll get a "swoon"!

Hey EDBM - Please stop by....I look forward to meeting you! The SGV is ever changing, and it seems that new restaurants pop up every day.

Hi CP - Some of the other stuff made up for the Jian Bing Guo Zi. And she was pretty happy with the memories....

Hi Howie - It wasn't easy, the Missus really worked that dough. She thought the protein content was too high.

Hi Trent - Someone had told me that Jian Bing Guo Zi is called Dan Bing "down south". Great video. The Missus is thinking about making Her own Jian Bing Guo Zi, based on the recipe on


Oh man, I like the variety you had there - only with Chinese food can you get such a good deal! I used to visit Shanghai often when I was younger, and breakfast EVERY morning was Jian Bing Guo Zi from the street vendor :) I've yet to have one in the US yet, but if there any place that offers a good version, it MUST be hiding somewhere here in SoCal :)


Hi Kathy - The Missus has such great memories of Jian Bing Guo Zi, just as it seems you do.


my mom gave me a detailed explanation of the food via email. haha


Hi Clayfu - What would we do without Mom???? ;o)

Andy 食神

Kirk you went to Meijia!

I went here a couple of months ago and found it excellent, I'm glad you did too! BTW, we usually end up at the same restaurants unknowingly, even without reading your blog, simply because we both have the same great tastes in food. However, this is first time, I went there before you did.. ahahaha!

Overall you found it to be quite good... and it is! I've been wanting to revisit this place too.. there are great many items to try! funny that the Missus too found the that millet soup to be not tasty at all. so it's millet and not corn... how insightful!


Hi Andy - I guess we both have great taste! BTW, how was the corn meal porridge? Just kidding! I don't know how I missed your post......


does anyone happen to have a recipe for the sauces that go in a jianbing? I live in Beijing for part of the year and the other part I spend in NYC. While in NYC, I miss jainbings!! After getting probably a hundred jianbings, I have the method down, but I don't know what the sauces are. The best place that I know of puts on three types of sauces (one is chili sauce) and shakes some sort of herb or something onto it out of a can (I think one of the youtube videos also has this shake can herb). Does anyone know what the sauces or herbs are? Thanks!

wandering chopsticks

Hey Kirk,

I caught this in one of Jonathan Gold's run-downs of current fave eats. I haven't checked it out myself but if the missus has cravings for Shandong food the next time ya'll are in SGV.

101 Noodle Express, a bleak mini-mall storefront next to a bowling alley, may not scream with promise. But the café is home to the Shandong-style beef roll, a massive, bronzed construction that commands its platter like two El Tepeyac burritos laid side by side — brawny Chinese pancakes rolled around slivers of stewed beef and seasoned with a sprinkling of chopped scallion tops and fresh cilantro. The inside of the beef roll is smeared with a sweet, house-made bean paste with an ethereal, almost transparent top note, a bean paste that bears the same relationship to ordinary hoisin sauce that Joachim Splichal’s demi-glace might to a slug of canned brown gravy. It is a simple composition, and yet not; ordinary street food raised to a transcendent level. 1408 E. Valley Blvd., Alhambra, (626) 300-8654.


Hi WC - Thanks for the heads-up, I think this is the restaurant you're mentioning?

We didn't have time to try anything but the Dezhou Pa Ji, but will try the other dishes in the future! Thanks again!

wandering chopsticks

Hey Kirk,

I totally blanked on this one. I only remembered the missus' wonderful descriptions of China and forgot the name of the restaurant. I guessed I could have searched it on your page...Heh.

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