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Thursday, 07 December 2006



An excellent post madam! Thank you so much for the awesome picture you painted with your words. I hope that you will honor us again some time in the future! Kirk, you are blessed (but I think you knew that all along! ;o)

Andy 食神

that is a great post, Missus! Love your story about your 鄉下.

BTW, that restaurant is not bad..... I've gone there for some afternoon 小點 before and their 牛肉卷 is very good as well as their 串燒. The 山東雞 is a new thing for them.. they have had the sign up for a couple months. It's too bad it didn't live up to expectations from a real native..... but hopefully there are other restaurants to bring back memories of your 鄉下.

BTW, there are a couple more restaurants with 山東 banners on Valley around San Gabriel Blvd and and Rosemead... maybe they might have the chicken too???


They have two kinds of chicken - one they call 山東雞, the other is 德州扒雞 which is different. The Dezhou PaJi has been advertised forever there; the big GuangGao DaZi type poster, reminiscent of the old 反对苏霸 (simplified for nostaliga sake) posters one used to see in Beijing, has been hanging there for a while.


Hi Jerome - Thanks so much for dropping by, and taking the time to comment. I've always enjoyed and appreciated your comments on Chowhound. I wish we'd had more time to try a few things, but we had just finished eating at Mei Jia. Funny thing, we did visit Deerfield, but it was the COI location, and what's even more funny we ate the the Niu Rou Chuan there. We wanted to go to Heavy Noodling, but we got there too early and they weren't open yet, so ended up back at Mei Jia. We'll most certainly try out your recommendations. It seems that we don't get to the area near enough, living all the way out here in San Diego.

Hi Jo - Yes, I'm blessed...and as you say; for that I'm Truly Thankful!

Hi Andy - Yeah, I'm sure it is pretty good...too bad we had just finished eating at Mei Jia, I think we'll be back to try out some other stuff - like the Niu Rou Chuan...but who knows, those signs might draw us in!!!!

jeffrey c

Kirk, I'm addressing this to you because I'm not sure your wife reads the back issues and I'm counting on you because your the vigilant type. Wow, she's quite the storyteller. I'm quite impressed but not surprised since it seems to be that like attracts like. Thanks for the wonderful post.


Hi Jeffrey - Yes, when the Missus is motivated.... there's no stopping Her.

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