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Thursday, 07 December 2006



What a beautiful story!


I think that your story once again proves that food is more than nutrition. Food represents our history, our memories and our families. How many people have stories just like yours about a variety of foods? All in all, this was a wonderful story, and just in time for the holidays (the best time for nostalgia).

Professor Salt

"No desire, therefore no disappointment." Lovely, buddhist, and existential all at once.

Mmm-MissusYoso should guest star more often!


Agreed, this is a great post!


Thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your past!

wandering chopsticks

Missus Mmm-Yoso, your description of growing up in China was wonderful. I could just picture everything. So sorry the chicken was disappointing. But the best part of food hunts sometimes is simply the memories it brings.


Thank you for that sweet and wonderful post! Maybe the Missus could do more posts in the future?


Great story, great description, great post. Looking forward to more............


I was wondering if you are a professional writer because I could read a whole novel of your wonderful prose.


Awesome remind of my childhood with my parents...thanks for sharing! Recently my addiction has been soy sauce chicken and I am not a big fan of boiled chicken either. But Dang! ;-)

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks so much for sharing bits of your childhood and recreating that world that you lived in for the rest of us. Thoroughly enjoyable post. And here I thought Kirk was the good writer in the family.


Oy, more guest post from Mrs. Kirk, please.

Very nice paintings of a life growing up. Thanks for sharing.


Kirk you're not the only game in town anymore. Missus is such a good writer!


I have been reading this blog for months and always enjoyed Kirk's writing, as a Hawaii ex-pat in Switzerland it reminded me of home. Now we have heard from the Missus and received an insight into another way of life. Hopefully, there will be more of her beautiful insights on her culture and life in China, as well as her culinary explainations!


Missus mmm-yoso,

What a lovely memoir you wrote--i felt like I was there growing up with you. I hope to see more of your writing in the future!


Happy Aloha Friday to both Mr. and Mrs.


mmm-yoso tai tai,

Ning de wen zhang xie de tai hao le. Wo yi mian du, yi mian xiang qi wo xiao shi hou zhu zai Taiwan de shi. Zhen de hen mian shou.

- Chubbypanda

Passionate Eater

Wow, Mmm-Yoso!! is one lucky man! You have such a beautiful writing style and have communicated a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing, and I agree with the other commenters, that if you are willing, I'd love to read them. Take care Mmm-Yoso!! and family!

The Missus

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the kind words, I had a lot of fun writing it as well. To all the food bloggers and eaters out there, have a good holiday and happy eats. Food is life, enjoy food, in turn, enjoy life.


Just wanted to say that I've often posted about 101 noodle express on teh LA chowhound board. The beef roll (niu rou juan) is made with their homemade jianbing and the crepe is wonderful - not as full as the tianjin dish you mention at the meijia deli.
Still the dishes like the pumpkin shrimp nangua xiarer jiaozi, the cold dishes, are qutie good. Some days the Dezhou PaJi is better than others - (dezhou is an old garrison town on the hebei shandong border - it's on the trainline from beijing to shanghai [jing-hu tielu]). but the wild vegetable jiaozi and some other dishes are great including the beef roll made with some kind of homemade tianmianjiang.
On garvey just east of garfield is shenyang homestyle restaurant with dongbei dishes - and there are a few other shandong places. For easy beijing snacks, next time, try Deerfield garden at atlantic and garvey in monterey park. also decent shuanyangrou.
loved reading your review. was looking at it from a post at chowhound by kirk's friend.
post by captain jack.

and next time, try eight cafe for guilin mifen or heavy noodling for mao erduo or decent daoxiaomian, shanxi style.

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