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Thursday, 14 December 2006



presimian (sp err)- interesting....stop teasing us! ;-)


Please cease persistent persimmon pre-simian pestering post-haste!


Kirk, we love your commentary as well... pictures are a thousand words, but words give the picture soul and character and story


Why you no post details yet!?!


- Chubbypanda


I concur with the other commenters, there's just something *not right* (bordering on perverse) about food porn w/o accompany text.

Like some people say, "I bought/subscribed to it for the articles!"


Hi Billy and Trent - Persimmon prose prognasticators.... LOL!

Hi Andy - Sorry, had a few problems, but have finished it now.

Hi CP - Thanks for hanging in there!

Hi HC - God knows, I wouldn't want to be a perverted food blogger! LOL!


Holy moley, a 100 bowls of pho?! But you're right, sooooo worth it. Man. Man. Good job. I am breathless. And quite hungry. :)

wandering chopsticks

Oh man, I've been salivating over each post waiting for the ending. But with that kind of a bill! Ouch! That's way out of my price range.

That's what I love about your blog though. I can live vicariously through you. The other reviews read like menu descriptions. I'd rather read about your gleeful anticipation of savoring another bite of kobe beef.


I'm glad that the photo of the tab could be enlarged because at first glace $452 (+TIP) sure looked like a typo.


I think I'm not the only one when I saw I'm very jealous. Here's a question though: How full were you at the end of the whole thing? Did you feel like you couldn't eat another bite? Or was there still a little room?

Captain Jack

Hi Kirk,

Great job with the three part post. I guess the secret is out, I LOVE uni. I personally was not at all stuffed, actually Kirk and I hit Izakaya Haru Ulala in Little Tokyo on the way back to our hotel. Let me tell you, Kirk is no where near my size, but that boy can eat!


Oh my, those pictures were wonderfull. I have food envy and am plotting on how to have my own meal at Urasawa when I visit LA. Perhaps with my sister on her birthday (if I've saved up enough pennies by then)

I read your blog regularly but have never commented. After these last 3 entries, I had to finally post.



That price could feed an entire Chinese village. Or buy a Sony PS3.

Worth every penny? If the photos were any indication of the taste, mmm-yoso!!!

- Chubbypanda


Whoa. That bill is just for one of you!? My heart just skipped a beat. My palms are getting sweaty. I guess I gotta start a piggy bank now.


Hi Kathy - It was the best meal in a restaurant I've ever had.

Hi WC - If you don't drink, it's much cheaper - $250-$300 range.

Hi RONW - I contemplated putting that photo of the CC receipt up.....decided just to do it in the end.

Hi Ted - The meal is paced, and for me, I felt satisfied, but not stuffed.

Hi CJ - LOL! You uni lover, you!

Hi Kyon - Thanks for dropping by and taking the time out to comment. Dinner at Urasawa is a unforgettable meal....

Hi CP - I'm not much for Wii or PS3 or that type of this is my expensive Xmas present.

Hi Elmo - If you don't drink it's much cheaper.

Passionate Eater

Wow, what an incredibly satisfying series! Thanks for taking the time to take the pictures and post them, as well as detailed, play-by-play descriptions. I appreciate that you gave the readers the ability to experience how it feels to eat at Urasawa too!

Also, the bill is CRAZY, but I anticipated it with all of your implicit build-up and seeing the quality and amount of the food!!! Whew, that is a lotta dough, so I'd better see you eating instant ramen these next few months!

Also, I am glad to hear that you'll be taking the Missus next! But the Boyz, they can stay at home..


I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the damage. Gosh! I still could not believe it! Whew!


I miss living in San Diego but I swear I will return one daysoon(and get to go to some of the restaurants reviewed here). OPff topic a bit but I have to say I really miss Loblita's(I worked almost next door in that plaza).


Yikes! That's quite a bill, but it definitely looks like money well spent!

Your photos and write-up have really done their work on me. I'm going to have to put this on my list of places to eat before I die -- though I might have to save up a bit for it first.


Hi PE - If you only knew how anal I am about having money for something before I purchase it. So I've gone through all my Pho', Banh Mi, and instant ramen eating for this meal. Though I was at the market earlier trying to figure out how many more bowls of instant ramen I'll need for my NEXT meal here.....and don't you be giving the Missus any ideas!

Hi Ben - It was quite a meal!

Hi Kyon - I hope oyu'll be able to return soon! Thanks for all the comments, I truly enjoy them!

Hi Howie - For me it was money well spent.

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