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Wednesday, 13 December 2006



OMG! I LOVE SUSHI! And this place looks soo good. I guess I don't read enough mainland blogs because I never heard of this place. Well so far everything looks exquisite.

And the Aburi Toro gaaaaaaahh! Actually everything is GAAAH!

If you're ever back in Hawaii, hit me up if you want to go sushi bar hopping.

Btw this ( is how much I love sushi!



You sexy sexy tease. I await with baited breath. ... Or something slightly less dorky to the same effect.

- Chubbypanda


ah. i wonder what your wife said about you spending the money on this dinner eh?

(dont want to ruin the price for anyone)

i told my girlfriend i want to go soon and boy did she let me have it!

Andy 食神

OMG! More more! Was your stomach bursting by now?

Andy 食神

sea salt and yuzu on top... that sounds sooooooooooo good

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks Kirk. Beautiful photos & nice descriptions. I'd say it's almost as good as going there myself - but I'd be lying. But it is as good as I'll get!


there's a drive to authenticate Sushi bars by the Japanese gov't (I can't find the website link), to differentiate the genuine item from the bogus.

also, what's the odds that Emeril didn't get his shtick from his own experience watching the interactions of sushi chefs with their customers.


man oh man... I wish I weren't pregnant so I could eat some sushi... !!! those pictures are just killing me!


looks good ....boy am I hungry.


looks good ....boy am I hungry.

Captain Jack

Damn Kirk,
Seeing the great photos you took almost makes me weep with joy. You did a great job.


Wow. That is absolutely gorgeous stuff. A bazillion thanks for sharing with such detail.

(I am so craving some serious raw fishies right now...)


Ohhhh-toro! I can only imagine what that piece of perfection tastes like. And props to someone who makes their own aji-shio. (At least, that's what boiling down salt water with konbu sounds like to me...)


Hi Jup - How're you doing? Haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is well - I'll make sure to drop you a line next time I'm "home".

CP, dorky? Nevah' happen my friend!

Hi Clayfu - I think we're at different stages of our career so to speak. Many of my friends spend major $$$ on stuff like golf, and other stuff. I just like to eat! So this is sort of my hobby. Also, you can always ask mom, right? ;o)

Hi Andy - No we weren't very fulll, the meal is well paced - especially if you arrive early and take the full 3-4 hours. Have a great vacation, BTW! I'm envious of you trip to Hong Kong.

Hi Ed - You're right, this isn't even close to being there....

Hi RONW - That's interesting. And I never thought of that....great observation!

Hi Aileen - My apologies, I imagine it can be torture....hopefully in a few months???

Hi Billy - Man am I hungry! I can't even come back to my own post without my stomach growling.

Hi CJ - I'm glad I can do some justice to the meal!

Hi mizducky - It's raw fishy time!

Hi Ed - Oooh-toro is right! Best I've ever had. Thanks for the info on te salt - I've never known anyone who made their own.

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