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Tuesday, 12 December 2006



haha yeah. if i dont study i won't get good grades which in turn relates to not getting a good job.. which turns into not making money

and then i can't afford to eat at places like urasawa..unless my mom takes me =P

Joseph E

That's the thing, I always thought you choose to avoid the fancier places in favor of better bargains and family-run joints. But I respect you even more now that I know you can intelligently review one of the most exclusive and expensive restaurants on this coast, as well as the $3.00 takout at Chopstix Too.

And both reviews are valuable; I may eat at the cheaper places more often, as you do, but it can be almost as hard to find an honest review of the better places. Too often fancy decorations, high prices, good service and plain old hype lead good reviews for places with mediocre food.

I would love to read your take on Tapenade or El Biz. We've wanted to go for a special occasion, but I take most of the recommendations on Chowhound with a grain of salt when it comes to the pricier places. Your opinion would weightier and more trustworthy. I also find myself returning to old reviews for your comments on individual dishes. When it comes down to it, a night out is only as good as the food on your plate.

Did Captain Jack take his own photos?



hmm, i think this sounds like a good 1 yr anniversary present for isaac to give me. but then again i told him i wanted to go to the french laundry first. maybe for our 2 yr...

great post & photos! looking forward to reading parts 2 & 3!

Passionate Eater

HOLY SON OF A BEE-HA-HA! I hope that "Captain Jack" is the Missus next time, because you really had one heck of an EXTRAVAGANT FEAST!! The price of the Evian water alone made me drop my jaw in gaping astonishment. Booze that costs $150 smack-a-roos? And gold leaf? Shooot, if I ate that stuff, I wouldn't poop for days, so that I would get my money's worth of that meal! (Keep the gold in my system!)

I love the post, and I totally echo everyone else's praise for your writing style. You are my blog idol, and you are great and the most Mmm-Yoso!! blog out there. Keep on doing what you are, and your huge fanbase will continue to grow exponentially.

Also, you might want to check out Chez Pim's photos of her trip to Urasawa at

Take care Kirk!


Au contraire Kirk! I think there is no need for anyone to do a post on Urasawa after this, which I consider the penultimate edition of all Urasawa stories.

I relished every word. Lingered on every photo. I look forward to Parts 2 and 3 with great anticipation.
"open open open!!"


Wow. I mean, wow.

I was pretty happy with our OC food blogger meet at Frenzy Sushi tonight, but then I came home and saw this. This is a whole 'nother level entirely. Words can not describe, but your's come really close.

- Chubbypanda


Hi Pablo - That thought had crossed my mind! ;o) But then reality struck(as in $$$$). So I'll still be happy with good sushi in San Diego, though if I did win the lottery..........

Hi Clayfu - Better hit them books hard! Hope you're surviving, I know this is a hectic time right now.

Hi JospehE - Yes, well I may do that. I kinda think of this blog as my food diary, but it's kinda grown to be a bit more than sort of has a life of it's own. Many times I won't even bother with photos at the more upscale places, because lighting and other items(like the staff giving you a hard time) get in the way. But if I have the chance I think I'll do a post. Thanks always for the kind comments. And no, on this visit Captain Jack didn't bring his camera.

Hi Pam - Sounds like you have some leverage here. Isaac can either go with the cost of a trip and a meal, or he can take you to Urasawa, and use the remainder to buy you a nice gift...ummm, wait, hold on there, don't hit me Isaac! Sorry, need to learn to keep my mouth shut, God knows I hate to be trapped into a corner like that! LOL!

Hi PE - I don't know how Passionate of an Eater you'd feel if you held your.....for that many days. You may do yourself major harm! ;o) PE, this was well worth the money spent. Thanks for all the kind, gracious, and positive comments!

Hi Elmo - Thanks, man! This is a heck of a meal. At first I thoguht I'd be totally lost without notes...but as the meal began, I realized that I'd pretty much remember everything.

Hi CP - You're right, words can't describe. I hope you all had a great meet-up. How was the Kubota Manju?


We had the exact same sake etc.. + 2 bottles of evian.. $550 each including tip? :-) Worth every mind blowing minute!


Hi Pablo - You are awesome...right on the nose!


Holy... Cow...

I think this counts as your most decadent post ever. The crab dish alone would have blown my mind, but then to follow it up with foie gras and Kobe beef? And it's only 1/3 over?!?

I'm going to go drool over your other two posts now...



The two characters together are pronounced "ura-sawa" in the kun (?) or "native" kanji reading.


Hi Howie - Everything does kind of pale in comparison.

Thanks Ed! Andy loves translation!

Jeff C

Kirk, Wow, This is true performance art. Each piece was like a finely crafted jewel to be savored in the gustatory and visual senses. Now I know what you meant when you were talking about this being an ultimate experience.


Hi Jeffrey - Yes, it's well worth the price. Service was great as well......really good stuff!


why wouldn't you just eat in japan?


this site is annoying in that it doesn't let you edit your own previous reviews.

so, why not eat in japan? i would never go to urasawa on my own dime. my wife laughed at the place.

yes the skill of the chefs at urasawa is probably approaching that of kaiseki chefs in japan, but you're paying a premium for the experience (and the fact that it is a trendy beverly hills restaurant).

even if many of the ingredients are flown in from japan, you just don't get the full spectrum of seasonal fish, meat, and produce that is readily available there. besides, as soon as our crappy united states water touches the food it's ruined anyway.

if you want urasawa food, do yourself even better. take a trip to japan. sorry if this is negative and/or biased. but the way us westerners are latching onto japanese food and incorporating it into our haute cuisine is seriously irritating.


Hi Joshu - If our food blog irritates you so much, why take the time to inanely ramble on, and rant so much....feel free not to visit. This is not a food forum, but just our humble little food blog. I'm sorry, but I've got to say, that your "why not just go to Japan" phrase one of the most numbingly asinine things I've read in a while. Maybe that's your reality, but I don't think it's within the grasp of most, and this was a post about my meal at Urasawa, perhaps you can get a grip on that concept? BTW, incorporating one cuisine into another can also be a sign of respect and appreciation.


for the most part, your blog is actually quite informative and i'm glad it exists. i didn't mean any disrespect. it's probably also great for people who can't make it to japan for whatever reason that urasawa exists.

however, the spirit of kaiseki food, as i understand it, is for the chefs to pick only the best of the regional and seasonal foods available at a given time. you might not even get the same dish on two consecutive weeks. i'm sure the chefs at urasawa try to keep in this spirit, but in beverly hills it's a bit hard to do it justice. hence my comment about "why not go to japan?" It wasn't meant to be a slant to any of your readers. on the contrary, people who read this blog are likely to be japanese food enthusiasts. so why not spend that money to go and seek out the real thing?


by the way, feel free to delete my posts if you'd like. i won't be insulted.


Hi Joshu - I think most folks would love to visit Japan! It is not a $300 proposition, though. Have you ever been to Urasawa? It is pretty unassuming. I think that's one of the points I was trying to get through. In spite of the zip code, Urasawa is not pretentious, and they show great respect to the food. I was told, by an aquaintance who used to travel to Japan on an expense account no less, that the cost of a comparable meal to what you'll have at Urasawa would be multiplied several times. Like many folks, I'm tied to a fixed number of days vacation a year.... we need to be like other countries that allow folks several months off a year. I think we'd travel more. Why would I delete your posts? That's not the way I do things..... Life wouldn't be as interesting if I only wanted my voice heard. The crux of how I do things is simple.... I treat folks the way they treat me. As for the incorporating one cuisine to another....I can only imagine what the purists thought about Japanese Curry, or even Kewpie Mayonnaise......

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