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Monday, 11 December 2006





grand centra market is great. THe burritos they make are HUGE!

supposedly you're supposed to eat it like a bowl with a fork =P



I can't believe you ate at Urasawa? EAGERLY waiting the pics and review.


you knows Kirk I could have sworn I heard the sound of the train and the din of the marketplace, while reading the account of your road trip. Did you bump into Steinback.

Joseph E

What a great idea for a trip, Kirk. I've wanted to take the train from the downtown station.

You are joking when you ask "if anyone is interested," are you not? Of course we want the pictures and report!

Oishii Eats



Kirk, you tease! :-D

Digging the downtown LA walking tour. And I adore traveling by train. When I lived in the Northeast I used to take Amtrak all the time. Taking Amtrak up the West Coast is definitely on my to do list.



Cat and I were talking about doing this over dinner tonight. She didn't think it could be done. She grew up in LA County and learned to avoid public transit. But now we have your post to guide us. Excellent.

- Chubbypanda

Scott J.

Looking forward to that Urasawa post! (Did your belly burst?)

Passionate Eater

Beautiful pictures of L.A. Kirk. I love the picture of the L.A. skyline, and of (old and new) Chinatown, but you really transport me to Southern California with snaps of the glowing neon signs. Very cute!

Also, we need to start rating the food places with a system of napkins. If the counter is greasy and menu is sticky, we'll rank it on a scale of 1 to 5 bleach-soaked wipe cloths! Maybe Curtido warrants a 5?


Hey Kirk!

You are inspiring! Given that I don't own a car, this is definitely something I could do (without having to beg someone to drive me :)) Thank you!!


hey kirk for urasawa how far in advance did you need to make your reservation? i've been wanting to go there for awhile i just need to find an eating buddy that's willing to spend the money along with me =)


Oh man. Urasawa eh?! Can't wait. Like that lady in the old Mervyn's ads, "open open open".

By the way, I've been trying to comment on your blog for a week, and I've been getting flagged as a SPAMMER by the Typepad software.

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Missus' review. I had more to say about it earlier, but guys are to foodies what Bonnie and Clyde are to bankrobbers!


Wow, what a tease I have been in there area when I take my mom-inlaw out. I think I should really take my time there to explore.


ed (from Yuma)

Not just pics of Urusawa stuff, but I'd love to hear your response to each and every plate you were served.


Hi there. I love all of your reviews. I have a small child and so don't get out that often, but I love to cook. Anyone know a good Sisig recipe?

Andy 食神

Train trip and the New Otani.. wow! Grand Central market is spectacular.... they serve all sorts of food, but nothing is better than the Mexican food and the produce. There's a seafood stand there and they make very seafood soups Caldo de 7 Mares, Caldo de Pescado, de Pulpo... and ceiviche too.... so good yum.

that's a great find.. gotta check out that Asian noodles place. Sisig is delicous!

BTW, I heard that New Otani has a spectacular roof top grill / beer garden terrace..... did you check it out by any chance?

Looking forward to Urasawa.. supposed to make Matushisa looks like cut rate sushi right?


kirk i have checked this page about 8 times today waiting for you to update with urasawa.

dont you keep me from studying for my lawschool exams!


Great post! I did the walk around Downtown LA a long time ago... walked so much my feet hurt! But the buildings and different ethnic enclaves are what I love most about what makes Los Angeles - LA! Anyhow, funny how the Noodleshop is missing an "O" in its No dleshop. LOL! Anyhow, OF COURSE WE ALL WANT TO SEE YOUR URASAWA SHASHIN!!! ;)

ps) It was so good seeing you on Saturday!!! We need to do that more often! I'm heading down to SD next week???

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk, I just got home from West Hollywood.

Can't wait to see your photos from our trip to Urasawa.

P.S. I have the shirt you left at the New Otani.

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