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Sunday, 03 December 2006




Is that woman walking the great dane is the great dane walking her? Jeez that his is big!

Anyway, I live close to the TFM when not at school but have never been. Need to get on that. And is that the famous pupusa lady that everyone raves about on Chowhound?


Sushi looks good. You making me hungry!


Ohhh, now I miss my doggies....

Andy 食神

I'm anxiosly waiting for your Tiajin and Shenyang food review!

that's alot of food for two ppl... is it?? don't eat sushi too often... not a great judge of qty.


those red tomatos look vine-ripened. Almost mistook them for Xmas tree ornaments.

wandering chopsticks

Kirk, oooh, that sushi looks so fresh and that's not spectacular?


Never realized there was a Torrance Farmers Market and that it looks so cool!


Mmmm... Xiang rou... Kidding! Kidding! (Ask the missus for a translation if you need one.)

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Need a few days off? =)

- Chubbypanda

Oishii Eats

When were you at Komasa??? Dylan and I were there Friday night. Soooo oishii...and Komasa was in a good mood. He smiled.

OOOOH...can't wait for Saturday!


Awwww, I loved the pictures from the dog show! I have a pomeranian at home who used to compete, but now he's getting to old and lazy, hehe.

PS - tomatoes were also at every stand in the Claremont farmers market this weekend - I'm still baffled by the sheer varieties! :)

ed (from Yuma)

Heirloom tomatoes and sushi. OMG. Reading your blog is sometimes almost torture. But good torture.


That looks so FUN! I love the dogs - what beauties! Did you bring yours to show?


Hi Ted - I don't think this is the pupusa lady that is mentioned on CH....but that curtido sure looked good!

Hi VandF - Sorry, I keep forgetting to add a link, I'll get that done soon!

Hi Cathy - We were really missing Sammy and Frankie....

Hi Andy - That is a VERY large amount of sushi for two....but we manage it somehow. ;o)

Hi RONW - They are vine ripened. This is a Certified Farmers Market, so you're buying from the's really good stuff!

Hi WC - The sushi is always consistently good at Komasa, ranging from okay(the Tai tasted a tad muddy) to excellent(the Hamachi). It is not mind blowing may see a post in the future of something that fits that description.

Hi CP - Yu Xiang Rou! LOL!

Hi Jeni - We were there on Friday as well. We usually go either when Koamsa just opens or late in the evening...this time we arrived at 530pm. And Komasa smiled? Call Ripley's!!!

Hi Kathy - Tomatoes seem to be everywhere right now.

Hi Ed - That is a weird combo, isn't it?

Hi Jenn - Oh my no...Sammy and Frankie would have torn that place to pieces, and pee'd everywhere, and smelled every dog butt in the convention center!


Hi Elmo - Torrance Farmers Market has always been our favorite.


haha, looks like you & your Missus, me & Isaac, and Jeni & Dylan were all in Little Tokyo last friday nite! (we were at the curry house though) can't wait to go grubbin' on saturday! =)

Passionate Eater

I don't believe that Sammy and Frankie would have peed everywhere and smelled all the dog butts--they look so sweet and gorgeous, I am sure they'd win the prize! They just take a little training and before you know it...


Hi Pam - LOL! We coulda' had a meet-up....

Hi PE - Actually Sammy(Frankie not so much) is well trained and very bright. But he's a real "party animal" and as soon as he see's another dog, he wants to play....which sometimes lead to some interesting results.


wow. that's fantastic! i need to see a real dog show before i m ove back to hawaii for good!! the farmer's market looks really nice too. all those tomatoes... yum!!!


Hi Annie - It was a fun and interesting experience. They have regional shows at Del Mar, so you might want to check the calendar.

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