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Wednesday, 27 December 2006



I'd wondered about that pho joint myself, but somehow the facade never tempted me to stop and try it. So-thanks for taking another bullet for the team! :-) A couple of bullets, actually, since you wound up braving the bun bo Hue too ...

The Guilty Carnivore

My girlfriend took me here (I think) back in '96 for my birthday, and I was similarly unimpressed.

Their garnishes, though, are high quality. Love the purple mint - that's a nice touch.

The Cia Gio - I hate that. That's almost make/break with me. There's a place up here in Portland (Banh Cuon Tinh Danh) that everyone raves about - their Cia Gio is similarly insipid. Barely any filling, mostly double-wrapped wrapper. In a dish like Bun thit Cia Gio, it's like eating almost nothing at all. Very weak - the kind of erstwhile stuff you'll find being hawked at a food stand at Saturday Market or a street fair.


How dissapointing...When they are located off the beaten path. Which = no traffic = bad turn around = crap quality. I guess I would call it a one time last time for me.


Hi mizducky - The Pho' looked so good...what a bummer.

Hi GC - First off, Happy New Year! Man those Cha Gio were pitiful.....

Hi Billy - Yes, you're right about that one.


Good on ya, Kirk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

- Chubbypanda


Hi CP - How right you are.


ahahahaah!!! i totally missed this post... too funny!!

anyways, i wasn't gonna say anything but i still think you use the same pho picture in every pho post and use photoshop to crop it... ahahaaha...

so i'm waiting for the 2006 Pho Whore Top 10 Pho Joints...

man, i need a list... all the places look the same cause you use the same photo... ahahaha


Hi DCCF - Actually, I have a special bowl of Plastic Food Pho that I carry to every Pho' joint for photo-ops! LOL! In reality I only eat Chinese Chicken Salads at these places... ;o) You crack me up.


I wanted to reply to the review of Pho Van posted on Dec. 27, 2006. I have been a loyal customer there for four years now and continue to enjoy both the atmosphere, experience and cuisine. This is a small restaurant that caters to those epicurious individuals dedicated to exploring their community. I remember about a year and a half ago when their front window was broken in by vandals. I arrived the day after and spoke with the owner who was distraught but totally open to serving me up a wonderful meal. This is service and commitment that you will not find at other places. I believe that Pho Van deserves a recommendation from you and a visit from your readers. If they don't like it you can blame me.

I do also like other Pho places that you have reviewed and always enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the great work.

Pho Life


Hi Eli - I'm glad you enjoy Pho Van....I've been back once, and I think the Pho broth is much too salty for my taste. But if you enjoy it, you should keep eating there!


ive been to pho van all my livfe and i like the spring roll ,nuoc mam, pho ga soup the other day i went to pho van and it was very delicious and very recommed it to all pho lovers at san diego

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