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Monday, 18 December 2006



Sometimes simple burgers are best. Hodads in OB makes yummy burgers.


I love burgers and fudruckers - medium rare please! ;-)


Monkey-style burger is immensely strong, and immune to nearly any weapon. When it's properly used, it's almost invincible!


That weekend I emailed you I burgered at Waterfront and the Linkery. The linkery's burger improved from the last time I had it, using a bun instead of their rustic toasted bread. I think the linkery's burger was fine, but it's got a little too much going on. Pineapple and eggs and onions are a little too much. Condiments should compliment the burger, and send it in a specific direction. Instead, it overwhelmed the burger and confused its flavor.

The waterfront, while unabashedly plain, was very flavorful and perfectly cooked.

And thanks for the suggestions and shoutout. I'm totally famous now.


Please say Lefty's in North Park is on your list to visit... It may be a pizza joint, but they have the best darn burgers and fries... I've heard they boil the fries the night before then fry them when ordered, in any case they are fantastic!

The Office Goat

Wow. It's been a few years since I've been to Rocky's, but I could swear that our burgers _always_ came "sauced-up" ... but we always ate around 8pm after mountain biking. I distinctly remember the discussions as to what (and how much) the bartender/chef had put on the burger to make them taste so great.

Captain Jack

Hey Bro,

I just love Rocky's, simple beefy goodness.

Happy Holidays


Hi Lynnea - Yep, everybody knows about Hodads.....

Hi Billy - I woulda' never thought that you'd be a "fuddy"? LOL!

Hi Trent - So who has the more powerful "Burger-foo"....monkey style vs animal style! Happy Holidays!

Hi Colin - I'm glad you found some burgers. Thanks for the inspiration!

Hi Marisa - Well Lefty's wasn't, at least not for burgers....I've only had pizza there. Guess I need to give burgers at Lefty's a try! BTW, the Missus was ooh-ing, and aah-ing at your creations:

Hi TOG - So what "extra" were they putting on your burger to make it taste so good?

Hi CJ - Yep, good simple burger!

The Office Goat

I always thought it was just a ketchup/mustard/mayo combo, but maybe the magic was all in the ratios?


Hi TOG - Does sound good....we've gotten our burgers plain each time we visited though....


Hmmm, I love the Rocky's burger. It's always a hectic place to try and get a place to sit though. Worth it for the burgers.

The burger at Lefty's is good but not as good as Rocky's.


Hi Didi - Yes, finding a unoccupied seat can be a challenge. Says something about the burgers there. Thanks for the info on Lefty's, I may still give it a try!


Oh, come now. As small and hectic as Rocky's is - it is BY FAR the absolute best burger in all of San Diego county. Period. End of story. No one else can even come close.

Of course, Nessie's is nearly as good - but if I am not mistaken, it is just over the county line. ;)

jane and john

Used to live in PB - brought my husband to Rocky's for the burger and a beer. Still the best place and people couldn't have been friendlier. We like that there is such a cross section of people - locals,beach people, even a few "suits". Rocky and her staff are the best!


Hi J&J - Yes, Rocky's makes a good basic burger.

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