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Saturday, 23 December 2006




How can you end burger week without eating the best single bacon cheeseburger San Diego has to offer??? Hodads!!!

Happy holidays to you and family!


Hi Jim - Because I didn't feel like going there.....OB, that is.

Happy holidays to you and the Missus as well!


Ouch! I can tell those burgers are bad just from the photos.

Love this series, buddy. Great idea!

- Chubbypanda


hehe, I like how they rename the fry combos - frings, crings! You know what you should do? Grill up some juicy burgers at home, add on slices of avocado (Kua Aina) style and get curly fries from Jack in the Box (I swear on my blog, their curly fries are so good!) :) Merry Christmas!


Y'know, I've only been to a Boll Weevil once--the one on the Shelter Island causeway--but I clearly recall being similarly underwhelmed. Maybe that's why they've been closing branches recently. ;-)

Happy holidays and happy eating to both you and the Missus!

/the duck


No, Really, Kirk, at the one in Santee(just closed) and the one on Mission Gorge (closed a few years ago) and the one in La Mesa (still open) We would ask for and get medium rare...and the bun was toasted..and it was good. The rings were never any good and we do cheese fries only...because, sometimes, that plastic cheese turns into a craving for me. Sorry yours wasn't as good. We haven't been to that location, near the Registrar of Voters office, because we try to avoid that area when we are not working for them.... :) Happy Merry!

Scott J.

I went once in Poway - pretty dry hamburgers as I remember. They since closed that location.

Way off topic: I didn't get a chance to comment on your big LA meal - excellent write up! It wouldn't quite be for me I don't think. We may splurge some time on a Spago tasting menu.


Hey Merry Xmas to you and the Missus. Hope you both have a safe and fun holiday season.
If you're ever out this way, we should go check out the Heart Attack Grill. They've got a website. Take care.


Jeeze I want a burger now. Merry Christmas to you and your Missus and the doggies!


Wow, I didn't know there was still a Boll Weevil's still around. Great review :) I never got to try the Boll Weevil at National City on Palm Ave. and Plaza Blvd. before they closed down indefinitely a long time ago. I wonder if Rally's Burgers is still around??


Brian- There is a Rally's in Spring Valley, just off the 54 at the Jamacha exit-SE corner, in the Sears Essentials parking lot. Its the only one that is still a Rally's that I know of, and I do drive around the county....the others are still physically in the locations but have turned into taco shops and/or drive thru coffee places. There is also a Boll Weevil in La Mesa on Fletcher Parkway at El Paso, in the Souplantation/Michael's mall. They will cook a burger medium rare.


funny pelican joke! those things are humongous!

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,

I have to agree, the best thing about the Weevil was always the condiment tray, (and the beer).

How bout those Rainbow Warriors? Colt Brennan kicked ass. Timmy who?

Hope Santa was good to you.


Hi CP - We've never had a good experience at Boll Weevil, but thought the prices were pretty good. But, now.....

Hi Kathy - Happy Holidays...I know alot of people who love those curly fries from JIB...

Hi mizducky - Happy holidays to you as well!

Hi Cathy - WEll, I've been to 4 different Boll Weevils...we once asked for a medium burger at the now defunct Covoy location, and the crabby old waitress said simply, "can't you read what it says....", nice, huh? And they proceeded to serve us an ultra well done burger. The Morena location and Midway location were the same food(even though it says how the burger is served in print, you mean you still have to ask???)...with the same lousy service. I must say that the Young Lady at this location was realy nice.

Hi Scott - Happy holidays! Spago's not a bad choice at all!

Hi Jeffrey - Same back to you and the Missus! Heart Attack Grill? Sounds right up my alley!

Hi Jenn - Happy Holidays!

Hi Brian - There are still a few Boll Weevils around, but more seem to be closing every year.

Hi Annie - Happy Holidays! That particular pelican was checking out the fish that a guy was rinsing out....just waiting for one false move.

Hi CJ - I enjoyed it so much, that I stayed up til 230am to watch all over again! Happy Holidays!


I recently tried the BBQ brisket at the B.W. at that location in Kearny Mesa. It was not very good. The BBQ joint I used to go to on Balboa (CJ's BBQ Pit) closed early this year. I used to like Boll Weevil for lunch with co-workers because we'd play billards and maybe sneak in a beer. That was a long time ago and I don't go to B.W. more than once every couple of years... and I love burgers! So that kinda says something since I've been here since 1970. By the way there was *one* Cotton Patch on Midway and when it closed it became a strip joint. By the way Boll Weevil used to be good, but the business has been neglected after the founder died and the kids are fightng over the estate. The driven entreprenuership and pride of ownership is gone...


Hi Joe - Welcome, and thanks for taking the time out to comment. Thanks for the insight and the bit of history as well.


Kirk, thank you. And thank you for burger week! I love your blog... because I love food!


I grew up eating at Boll Weevil late 60s to early 80s. They used to be great. They do seem to be slipping and closing up everywhere. It breaks my heart!


Hi Dave - It is sad, when a local establishment slips for whatever reason......these are the places that should be forever establishing a greater foothold in the community, instead of taking advantage of their position.


In 1972 two friends of mine that lived in San Diego turned me on to the Boll Weevil. It was the best hamburger I ever had.
My next visit was in 1995 with one of the same friends. We agreed
that the burger sucked
I told the waitress about my wonderful 23 year old memory, and asked her what was the deal.
She told me that the Boll weevil
had been purchased a few years back. Exactly how long back I don't know. I asked her where we could get a good hamburger, and
believe it or not she told us in
Looks to me that the name itself
is what has keep the Boll weevil
going for the last 15 years or more.
So yes at one time they were great

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