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Saturday, 02 December 2006



excellent gyros sandwich from this side of the monitor screen.

btw, are those the "top" 100's records Mario has glued to the restaurant ceiling?


The gyros was OK, Ron, not bad, just not overly great (and I appreciated all the onions on can see The Mister scraped them off of his half). and ..."top" 100...ahahahaha!


never been a fan of gyros, maybe meat is to dry after it has been sliced but it sure looks good on the skewer though.


Hi Billy-its the Gyros they sell already sliced in the freezer department at Mediterranean deli' Vine Ripe, which I blogged about in October....not bad, but not the same as from a spit....its what I use at home when I *crave* the flavor, but don't want to go out...good enough, but not great....


Hi Billy-its not bad, but its the same pre-sliced stuff you can buy in the freezer section of Vine Ripe (I blogged about that market in October)..not bad atg all, but not anything unique or unusual. Its good tasting, but un-special is all.


i seem to recall reading a crazy story about this place and the owner. i will look for it, but it may have been in the now defunct Fahrenheit weekly.


I recalled something, too, Dave, but never found it. I will be going back this weekend for breakfast, though...


In Mario I found a musical-kindred spirit. He like too few others recognizes "silence is a note". I can't get back soon enough to jam with him


The food here is pretty good, too. Welcome to our blog, Lawrence. I like your music. I will try to stop by when the music starts this weekend.

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