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Friday, 29 December 2006


Columbus Foodie

How cute! I have a Sammy and a Frankie too, but they are a pair of Siamese cats :)


Happy New Years Kirk!

I like the Sammy & Frankie album! It'd be pretty cool if they met my Buddy one day :)

...Come to think of it...I don't think I've ever seen a real tumbleweed in my life! hehe


One of my neighbors usually decorates His front lawn with a snowman made of tumbleweeds...and I always think of how difficult it is to run after them and find the right sizes...


where ever went brussel sprouts in sandwiches. Hey weren't you originally from the Sandwich Isles?


....oh, forgot about the tumbleweed.
There actually giant hila-hila from my experiences....before they dry and curl up.



Sorry to be gone for so long. Great looking sashimi there. I had just a little sashimi at Tokyo Tokyo and am going for more -- soon.

BTW...are you sure that's a tumbleweed and not a dried up Christmas tree? :P


Happy New Year Kirk!! I will be dreaming about that pork belly tonight!


BTW...I forgot to wish you a Happy New Year! Sorry about that!


Hey Kirk,

Thanks for the plug!

- Chubbypanda


Kazu-san made the Negi-Toro Temaki for my friend and i about 2 weeks ago.

very tasty!

he also made a handroll with uni and the fish roe together, interesting taste .


Hi Columbus Foodie - What a coincidence, how cool! Why don't you Email me a photo and I'll make sure they get equal time...

Hi Kathy - Your Buddy sure is a cutie. Happy New Year!

Hi Cathy - Tumbleweed snowman? Sounds like quite a character.

Hi RONW - LOL! Happy New Year!

Hi Reid - Welcome back, nice to hear from you again. I guress they might be some really, really, small christmas trees....;o) Happy New Year to you as well.

Hi Sherry - Happy New Year! Pleasant dreams as well.....

Hi CP - My pleasure.....I'd planned to do it earlier, but got really behind on a few things.

Hi Clayfu - See if you can get a uni - mirugai temaki! A classic combination. I'd never had a temaki at Sakura before, so it kinda threw me off....good stuff though.

ed (from Yuma)

Post brought back good memories. There were no problematic fish bones in the head - I noticed a few tiny edible bones. That's the second fish head I've been served there - the kampachi head was totally different but equally amazing. It was good seeing you.

Those sandwiches look good too. Happy New Year!


Hi Ed - Happy New Year to you as well!

Passionate Eater

I tried looking at Mmm-Yoso!! while on my holiday vacation, but the dial-up internet was too slow to practically look at any high quality website with images. But what a surprise to see come home and see such a wonderful photo album of my two favorite boyz! Thank you so much for your wonderful holiday gift! (I shared it with my sister and we laughed at Sammy and Frankie's Hawaiian tee-shirts and the picture of Sammy balancing a kibble on his nose! Thank you so much Kirk! Happy New Year to the best blogger around!


Hi PE - Thank you for the suggestion...I still don't know how Sammy and Frankie passed the message to you, but you got it done! Happy New Year!

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