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Thursday, 21 December 2006



My God Cathy - Is that really a burger??? ;o) My arteries skipped a beat out of fear that I may go out and get one of those......


Cathy, it looks like they forgot to slaughter that cow before they put it on the bun... but i would totally eat it... looks like my kinna joint fer shur..

which joint of Burger week would you say has the best burger?

howcome no chili cheese fries?? sacrelig..

and thanks for doing the burger stuff cause at the rate kirk was going he was gonna have to rename "mmm-yoso" to "The Pho Whore"...


Hi Kirk...You said you thought doing "Burger Week" could be fun...and I'm just trying to make it fun...You do know my friends call me "Literal Girl", don't you?

First, Look at Windy City Beef...Photo with the hot dog and Italian sandwich...There are the requisite Chili Cheese Fries (and the chili is excellent here BTW).
B. Only because they will definitely cook it to medium rare, whereas the other places, for some reason, follow some sort of Health Code/law thing, don't do medium rare, do I say that Longhorn has the best burger..however the flavor of that angus burger at Windy City Beef is excellent and I do eat at Beef'n Bun and like it...and Charley's, which I posted on previously is also great...heck, I've only told you about places I kind of really like....and Rocky's does medium rare also so I am going to try that soon...
3) I can't stop laughing, literally, out loud..Pho-Whore...I got so few comments and then this one...(and since Pho-King is already taken...)..
IV. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a good New Year.


just wanted to wish

kirk, cathy, mister and missus and the rest of the pho whore family...

a wonderful xmas!

p.s. don't eat the fruit cake... regift it...


Merry Christmas to you, too, DCCF.
-Cathy and The Mister
{But I do so like fruitcake....well, I like the nuts in it anyhow...)
(we'll discuss a Little football game occuring On January 1 in Pasadena later...)

Alice Q. Foodie

Happy Holidays you guys! I've stayed away from this place specifically in order to AVOID the chocolate peanut butter shake. The last time I got one I couldn't put it down (I went through the drive thru) and I swear I gained 5 pounds that week. Their BLT is also really good, but I do wish the fries were better. They remind me of the ones that used to come with with school lunches!


You are right, Alice...the BLT is good, the fries we can do without...but, ooh that shake... its, like, sooo perfect...Happy Merry to you too!


Wow... I'm normally not up for burgers but these reviews and photos make me want to run out and try one when I get back to SD. Good Job!



I just went into beef shock.

- Chubbypanda


Hi Liz...and CP....are you sure it isn't the shake that got to you???

I do understand...sometimes I *have* to have a good burger...and having a reason to blog about it makes it even more fun!

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