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Wednesday, 22 November 2006



Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Love and Turkey's from the east coast!


Thanks, Jo. I spent *many* Thanksgivings in Detroit, Boston and Norfolk...and wish I were in Detroit with my family right now...but the doctor's orders come first...everything is different this year...


Ahhhh! Pie, I LOVE pies! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and eat plenty :)


Hi Kathy- I'm going to post photos in a few minutes. We ate all we could and it was *wonderful* on to looking at sales circulars to see how early I want to wake up tomorrow!


Boy but you said a "mouthful" when you mention that it's all different this year! There you are in California wishing you were here... I on the other hand have had Thanksgiving in Northern CA for years. Much as I enjoyed being with my daughter and my grandbabies... I sure missed California. ::smiles crookedly::


Hi Jo-I know...but different isn't/wasn't bad...just not the same. I kind of hate change...


Wow you guys pigged out like me :-)


...and everything tasted good, too, Billy...


::nod nod:: I hear ya. We have so much here that we didn't have there... but I miss the great variety of foods. Can you believe NO bakeries?!?! NO decent bread?!?!? NO decent donuts?!?! I can do my own bread but I'm a bit intimidated by the thought of donuts. I need to try making apple fritters.


Hi Jo- I don't know anyone who makes decent donuts at home...but, I'd be willing to sample and critique some time..:)


HA! I just bet you would!!! ;o) Will you promise to bring Kirk, the Missus, and the Magic Mic when you come? I promise to serve the best crusty french in town, the most authentic Chinese in town (it's really sad when a euro descendent makes the most authentic Asian) and provide the most... ummm... Help me here Kirk Vibrant? Noisy? Lively? well, with 4 little kids running around at any given time you kinda get the picture right? ;o)

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