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Wednesday, 08 November 2006



I LOLed at the site of the cheese-its. GREAT!


LOL - party mix salad toppers that's a first for me ;-)


This reminded me of a new US immigrant's story I had read in which they mistook a block of Velveeta and tried to use it as soap.
Actually, I mixed some leftover rice cracker mix with kombucha and rice the other night. It was pretty good.


Hi should have seen the looks on our faces...all I could think of was how to describe it in a post....
Hi Bill-yes, an absolute first, and I am known to be *very* creative in the kitchen...
and then there is you, Trent-I honestly have never done crackers with anything other than soup, chili or cheese...and maybe with peanut butter...but, mixed with rice...never a thought of it. Now I am going to...
The Velveeta soap story is similar to when they mailed out free samples of Head and Shoulders shampoo in these new fangled containers-tubes, like toothpaste came in- to everyone in the Detroit area. I know my Grandmother said it was really bad tasting toothpaste....(she couldn't read English).


OMG...funny asian stories. Boy if I could recall some of my families crack ups. Three words "canned dog food"


eeeeewwwwww...although canned corned beef hash can have a similar texture and smell...sort of....eeeewwwww


hey k!

you were in the 909! my part of the hood.... i was reading and you said Stater Brothers, and i couldn't ever remember seeing one in San Diego... anyways, glad your exp. was positive, cause there are a few good spots but a non-local would never be able to find most of em...

you should bring kirk down to San Dimas... got some places to take you to!

Andy 食神

hahaa.. I know exactly where that plaza is. Maybe I should go check out tonight... it's only 10 mins away. Maybe they will have party mix on the Japanese bbq beef too!


Hi DCCF!- There are 3 Stater Bros I know of in SD County, on Poway Road, Carmel Mountain and the one in Ramona...

The Mister and I will be driving that way in the next 2 months-we decorate floats for the Rose Parade with the Petal Pushers volunteer group...I am sure we will stop and eat somewhere...

Andy! Oh please, let me know if what I experienced was some anomaly or just a bizarre nouveau cusine...and if it will be Japanese BBQ or Korean...(the Korean is my favorite anyhow)...


Mmmm... Beer nuts and bulgogi, breakfast of champions.

- Chubbypanda


Hi, CP- I have been known to be sooo very creative with ingredients...but now you bring up breakfast...and new thoughts are running in my head...

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