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Monday, 13 November 2006



My god, those are mutant cha gio -they look like they could burst open any second! :)


Wait... you never said if you liked the cha gio! How were they? They look amazing.


talk about pricey....let me know when your around OC area, especially Bolsa and I'll show you a good Pho...

Andy 食神

every time you make this viet restaurants posts, I start salivating and i run out to the pho house near my work for lunch. thanks to you, they've gotten a good chunk of my lunch business =)


It's good to know there's at least a Vietnamese option in PB. Like Andy, I too am now considering a run down to Pho T. Cali or Lucky Seafood for lunch - rain be damned!


Hey Kirk,

Usually people do drive to fast on Garnet and will zoom by the place…not sure what the hurry is about. Because of the location and prices…do you think this place will survive?



At least they took extra care to prep your noodles properly. Good pho noodles can make or break the dish.

- Chubbypanda


Kirk, at least these guys add fresh cilantro and green onions in your pho. The northern area, there's no greens to the pho. Pathetic.


Ooh, they have the egg rolls with the wrappers I like. These seem to be kind of rare in San Diego for some reason. I know, thanks to you, that A Chau has it, and I think Pho Hoa does too.

I'll have to give these a try the next time I visit Liz.


Hi Kathy - They are indeed huge mutant Cha Gio!

Hi Ted - I think I said they were pretty good...but here ya go, they were pretty good, and very filling.

Hi Billy - I'll let you know when I'm in the area!

Hi Andy - My apologies...but I'm sure the Pho restaurant is happy to have your business.

Hi Trent - Mmmmm Lucky Pho', for some reason I'm craving the Beef Stew!

Hi Jim - I hope they do well, I think I forgot to mention that the folks working here were pretty nice. Not having another Pho Kitchen in the area(that I know of) helps.

Hi CP - I think Pho Sao Bien is a nice change of pace for the area.

Hi Jean - Really, just soup, noodles, and meat in the bowl, that doesn't sound like very good eats.

Hi Howie - Bring your appetite, the Cha Gio are large and filling.

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