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Wednesday, 15 November 2006



Hi JosephE - I know that there are companies in Japan that specialize in plastic food...can you imagine a career designing plastic food.

Hi Pam, Jo, & Howie - I acutally blanch them first, than a quick saute with garlic and olive oil...(and sometimes Lup Cheong).

Hi CSB - I think first off, the Brussel Sprouts need to be very, very firm, and the leaves tightly packed. When boiling them make sure to use lots of water at a rolling boil, I also score the bottom of the sprouts, making a little 'x' in the stem portion with a paring knife...this trick actually works. Check the sprouts after 3 minutes, and stick a knife to check doneness. Should be done in no more than 5 minutes. Remove sprouts and immediately shock in iced water.

Hi Jeffrey - Hope your vacation is going well. Can't wait to hear about it!

The Guilty Carnivore

Oh man, no more Takara. You warned me about that a few months back. That was my favorite quick stop ramen stop in San Diego, going back to 1995. I'm glad I at least stopped by one last time in July.


Hi GC - I'm glad you had a chance to stop by Takara one last time as well.


Hi Kirk!

I love brussel sprouts. Love the bitterness and all. It has to be cooked right though. So far, I'll only eat it roasted! Thanks for the unagi sauce recipe! I adore unagi!!

I had fun reading your blog entries again!!


hondashi is the powdered form of dashi? the packaged box with the blue fish on top?


Hi Annie - Yes, it's the instant dashi, with the blue fishes.



I am sitting here laughing because, this year my Mother became a Brussel Sprouts Fiend! I had to call Jo to find out EXACTLY how she cooked them because she was in love with the way Jo cooked them.

But I live with a Brussel Sprout obsessor (is there such a word? :P ) and we have to have them at least once each month preferably A LOT more!


Hi Mills - Brussel sprouts seem to be the thing this year.

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