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Monday, 20 November 2006


Andy 食神

wow... thats what a ham should look like! It looks sooooooooooo good!


"salty" ham is the pits, but usually the norm. And, wood you yourself know of any other wood besides "hickory" for the smoke flavor?


That sounds tasty. If I lived a bit closer I would probably make the drive. Maybe for Easter....thanks for the tip!


Good Morning, Andy...yep, its always the perfect ham, in taste and appearance.
Ron- I am unsure what Fat Ivor's uses, but will be asking when I do my next trip-to blog, you know- but the usual smoking woods I have seen are hickory, oak and mesquite. I forgot to stress *how much* smoke smell permeates the kitchen when you cut open the plastic doesn't seem too hickory-ish, though...
Kady- its 39 miles one way from my front door in Santee (near Mast Blvd exit at 52) to Fat Ivor's. I love the drive. If you will want one for Christmas, we can coordinate.


That's wild. A Ham Van! A Turkey Trailer! A Trypto-Van!

You San Diegans have got some eclectic choices. I don't think the Orange County Health Department would even let those dudes past San Clemente. Sad actually!


Hi Elmo- Actually, the friend I visit in Valley Center was an Inspector for Food and Drug in San Diego County for *many* years. She and I are probably more aware of health regulations and food safety than the average person. We question methods and always are aware of signage in restaurants and grocery stores.
I love "Trypto Van"...absolutely!


I'm not usually nuts about ham because it's always too dry and banal tasting. And so this is the best ham you ever had? I'm intrigued...


Yes it is-for smoked ham. I can't figure out how they keep it so moist and un-salty. They told me its a Farmer John already cooked half and full ham and they just smoke it at Fat Ivor's, which is (now I will get in trouble) the best BBQ in the county...besides my own, of course...Lets hope that not everyone reads the comments...ANYHOW, it is really good.


I'm so happy I don't live close to you and Kirk. Otherwise, I'd be calling myself "Fatpanda" or "Sumopanda". Muy delici-yoso!

- Chubbypanda


Hi CP- You know that "no carb" diet is gonna be popular in about a month...I only taked about the sides...just glorious, wonderful ham....

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