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Tuesday, 07 November 2006



we were quite disappointed with AMP's food and enjoyed Honokowai Okazuya & Deli much more. But what made it tolerable was listening to and catching glimpses of the old lahaina luau from AMP's patio. 8)


Hi Liver - I understand that the guys who run the Old Lahaina Luau also run AMP.


Sounds exactly like my experience at AMP. Great location though, especially when there is a swell.

Joe in Del Mar

I'm just jealous that you're in Maui right now.... just got an email frm Hawaiian Airlines about R/T seats from SD to Maui for $348... maybe I'll join you.


wow, i can't believe there was one restaurant we BOTH went to on our maui trips! LOL! i thought the food was allright...fortunately, i had a better experience w/ my kalua pork than you did, but we also ordered a kalbi and it was pretty yucky. what i like more than the food about AMP is the atmosphere and the prices!


Hi Jack - Yes, the food was rather mediocre....

Hi Joe - Hope you have a great time!

Hi Pam - Ha, we actually both went to the same restaurant! Finally.... LOL!


Even mediocre, it looks better than most of the places I've tried here on the mainland.

- Chubbypanda


Hi CP - But just average overall....

Fortunate Fool

I'll be there in a few weeks, and was wondering if you'd be kind enough to make some recommendations. I was all excited about hitting aloha mixed grill for some laulaus, but based on your post, I think I will look somewhere else!


The Mister and I popped over for lunch when we were in Maui in Oct. 2006 and have to agree that the food was just average. I had the kalbi (what else?) and the Mister had the chilli spaghetti special (he liked it, I was so-so on it). The one thing I really liked was the kimchee that came with the kalbi. It had a light vinegarette with cucumbers. A nice little touch I thought.

But overall, I thought the food was over rated on some of the review sites.


Hi Carol - what really had me freaked was how much the Banh Mi at BaLe cost in the food court across the street!

kevin p

The Aloha Mixed Grillplate was recommended by the Papakea resort tour guide. It was possibly the worst dining experience we have ever had. The wait was long and the seating order seemed totally random. We were a party of 6 and watched as a table for six sat empty for 20 minutes while 4 or 5 groups who came in after us were seated. When we finally were seated (at the table for 6) the service was fair but the food was terrible. Everyone's meals were cold. I had the mixed grill...the chicken was fatty and almost inedible, the beef had no taste and I am sure had been cooked long before we ordered it, the rice was cold and tasteless. The only meal that was decent was the coconut shrimp my wife order. Good thing they have an ocean front location or they would have been out of business long ago.


I visited Aloha Mixed Plate last year (2007) and the shoyu chicken was moist & very tender! The staff was friendly and the prices were good compared to the rest of Maui.

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