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Sunday, 19 November 2006



gads. I just can't get over these burritos. My 6 year old actually asked for tacos for dinner. We don't have the ingredients at the moment, maybe tomorrow... maybe I'll figure a way to acquire some of the things I can't make... Maybe someone will dump a basket of pennies in my lap! ;o)


Hi Jo- I seem to always have some kind of Mexican "basics" around: tomatoes/onions/cilantro and tortillas...and cheese...just to hit those cravings...I can use tortillas and butter in place of toast for breakfast..and bread for sandwiches...and make my own 'salsa' if necessary....then again, my 'basics' take up most of the kitchen...I hope it turned out OK.


BEST california burrito in town! "torta special" is a must. all time fave...


It is a wonderful place with wonderful food, isn't it?...welcome to the blog, teddy!


Just an update to let everyone know, they are planning to open a new location near Petco Park. So you can have your California Burrito while, hopefully, watching the Padres win.


We'll have to see how well the carne asada fries hold up on the flight back to Denver:


Ideally, we won't have to pay off that bet, JanFrederick!


Ooops. I forgot that clause that starts with an "if". Hope I didn't jinx us.


Hahah, JF. If you have such a power, then you have other powers and I would like to meet you near a 7-11 in time for the next Lotto drawing. :) (I just figured I missed reading somewhere that you were a Broncos fan and was being polite)

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