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Sunday, 19 November 2006



Lolita's makes the BEST carne asada in town. They've been our favorite taco shop for over 15 years, beating out any ______berto's taco shop in San Diego. The original shop in Bonita was a fave, they've since moved a few doors down, now a bit fancier. They also have another location in Otay Ranch, and I believe might still have one at the Telegraph Canyon exit off the 805 (not sure if it's still open) Their rolled tacos are awesome too! You can actually taste the meat!! and the guacamole is fresh and REAL, not just some green sauce. I've been craving Lolita's for days now! I think it's time for lunch there!


Hi, i'lltaketwoplease (great name)- I am so glad you do like it, it really is a step above...Locations are listed at the website, I have a direct click within the story...there does seem to always be a wait, though.

wandering chopsticks

Hi Cathy,

Oh, man, that looks awful. :(

Have you seen the floss that's attached to this weird plastic thingy? It's hard to explain, like a mini-bow with a handle? I think you can use that one handed. I often see it at the Target dental aisle. Try that out. Or just make your hubby floss your teeth for the next few months. ;)

And mashed potato taco? I'm not sure I can do all those carbs.


Hey, WC- Yep...I got that dental flosser thingy on the 3rd day or so (when I started tapering off the Vicodin)...Its bad enough The Mister has had to help me with my hair some days (symmetry is everything to me)..and some of the dressing at first (I can't go braless)(TMI, sorry)...and I have perfected the one handed contact lens insertion technique...
But...ah, mashed potato favorite flavors, all rolled into one meal.... and it all turns out to be vegetarian...on those days when I want no meat...oh, I also have no or low carb days, too...but when I crave...I crave...and only one per meal.


Potato tacos geesh what's next? I want one ;-) Geesh I hope they don't have to recast you again...

Isn't nice to have the Mr. around?
I'm very thankful/greatful to have the Miss around :-)


oh cathy! that looks sooo bad. i don't know how you're able to type up this wonderful post on lolita's (which i pass everytime i go to the 99Ranch, but have never stopped in to try). you know, i never even thought about the bra dilemma! that must truly be a pain in the butt!


Oh Cathy, all I can say is "Ouch!".


Hi Billy-Potato tacos are great...I try them every place I go to...I guess I'll keep The Mister around a bit longer...:)
Hi Amanda...Yes, if you aren't eating inside the 99 Ranch Steam tray area (or the soup place just across the tables in that same area), then when you leave, stop at Lolota' is very good.
It has ben more than ouch, Jean...I really had no pain at first (and every thinks I should have...I have photos from my phone, taken in the ER) but these manipulations cause these aches and surprising 'twinges' of pain...its not the Holiday Season I least 8 weeks in the cast...


I tried Lolita's carnitas torta last month, and it is as delicious as it is bad for you. Which is pretty delicious.
Cathy, you need a helper monkey and one of those birds that clean alligator's teeth!


GADS those pics are terrific! We just don't have food like that here =o( Regardless, I comesmerate with your suffering. I would be a mental basket case in 24 hours or less if I had a cast like that! Wonder if someone could invent mechanical duct tape for such occasions? hmmm... that would defeat the purpose wouldn't it? =o(


I've noticed that lots of Souplantations are in places with much more table space than parking. This is true for the one near Mission Gorge, near Point Loma, and Mira Mesa.

The Mission Gorge one is the worst: the miniscule parking lot is barely big enough for the Souplantation itself, to say nothing of the half dozen other restauarants, the martial arts school, and the Starbuck's all in that same shopping center.


Hi Trent, thanks for those mental images, now seared in my brain...and aren't the tortas here just wonderful?
Oh, Jo- I try to take 'descriptive' photos and am glad I can get a point across. The elbow has to not move, so that the ligaments and muscles don't move the bones, which apparently have a mind of their own..hence my re-castings...oh I know how to use duct tape, and would if I could...
Fred-thank you for noticing..I thought I was the only one...and yes, the Mission Gorge one is the worst..although the Souplantation itself is a bit smaller inside than some of the other ones.

Andy 食神

ouch.. and you can still type with one hand! I've passed by that place many times (next to Tea Station) but it looks so empty and without a recommendation I've always wondered if I should go in.... your review looks great!


Hi Andy- If I stand and use the back of my hand/fingernails I can type with this new cast position...its just that the position keeps changing, so just when I adapt, I have to again learn something new.
Yes, Lolita's is actually fairly busy whenever I go, and even on Sundays, I have seen groups of people come in after church. The food has never been just seems to take forever...

Andy 食神

i hope you get better soon. it must be painful to type or to do anything for a matter of fact, yet you still keep on positng for us. That's some dedication you have.


Hi Andy...I am trying, and, depending on the position my hand is in, there is no pain...its just that the position keeps changing, and I forget, and these 'twinges' are horrid...but fairly short in duration. It is taking me longer to type, and to do many things...but I am aware and try to give myself more time. Thanks for the kind words.


I hope you recover quickly!! How long is the healing process is supposed to take??! :(

Thanks for the tip on Lolita -- we'll have to check it out! The pictures of the food look great!


Hi Annie- 8 weeks at least..which means the rest of this year...all the holiday stuff...and The Mister and I *do* have a lot that we do (one thing in particular that we are not doing right now)...and with the cast changes, it may mean I am not healing correctly, which could mean surgery...oh its a real bummer...then again, nobody pushed me.
Lolitas is really good. You can see locations at the website if the one by 99 is not close for you.


I love lolitas, I grew up in Chula Vista and have been eating at the original one on Telegraph Canyon for over 15 years. It's really the best, and they have the best beans and rice and carne asada I've tasted anywhere!


I'm so glad I blogged Lolita's, Tracina...its one of those places a lot of us just take for granted...and others may have just skipped over. You are right about the flavors here.

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