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Wednesday, 01 November 2006



That looks so good! Thanks to you I had my first experience with loco moco at a L&L, overall patty was too dry. Medium rare is the only way to cook a good patty or let it cook and don't ever ever push down on the patty! Geesh to bad there isn't a mom and pap shop around OC...



Hey Kirk,

Great job finding one of these little local treasures that's all about eating at a place that adds to the individualism of a community. Thanks agiain!


thanks for the find! i cannot wait to get leilani's hilo style loco moco. two of my favorite eateries are on big island: (the original, i believe) sam choy's, and cafe 100. now that the beach area traffic won't be so congested, i'm going to head over to leilani's (p.b.) soon! isn't there a leilani's in encinitas, too?


Nice, really nice. I wish we have places like these in Vancouver.


Hi Kirk,

I'm glad you found this place.
Glad to know that it's still open. I've been by a few times and it was closed. Love the Spicy Fried Rice and the Teriyaki Chicken. And Leilani is very nice. She always talks to you.


BTW, Kirk, have you gone to Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille in La Jolla, yet? I thought the Loco Moco is only OK, definitely below Da Kitchen's quality. The Katsu is not bad, though.

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,
Glad you posted on Leilani's. I have been going there since they first opened a couple of years ago, when her husband was doing the cooking on a hot plate. They are good people.


Hey Kirk,

“coffee shops and cafes in the Pacific Beach area....I do think there's one on every corner”

Not far from the truth; however, tattoo parlors now out number the coffee shops…scary, huh?

Thanks for the post. I’ve never been there, but plan on going now.


Good find! My friend has lived a few blocks away from here for years and never knew it existed...


Nice report. Did you notice an outdoor eatery just up the street called Rafaela's? I was always interested in trying it when I lived in PB.

Andy 食神

i do that random driving around too.. and most ppl think I'm nuts too.


Hi Nhbilly - I think the problem as a whole is with the preformed mass production patty that L&L uses. After resolving myself to that, I just try to make the best of the gravy.

Hi Ted - There must be dozens of these neat little eating places.....

Hi Toisan - The Missus likes the Chili Loco from Cafe 100, we used to have friends in Hilo so have been there many times(Suisan, KTA, Ken's Blane's)... I think you're thinking of Kealani's?

Hi Didi - Yes, Leilani is very nice! Haven't made it to Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille, these places seem to be popping up everywhere.

Hi Ben - If there isn't a plate lunch or Hawaiian Food place in BC yet, I'm sure there will be one soon enough.

Hi Capt Jack - Funny, Leilani told me they've been open for 3 years, and I hadn't even heard of them.

Hi Jim - Yes, tattoos and body piercing....they seem to be everywhere.

Hi Howie - I was quite surprised to find this place myself.

Hi JasonT - Is that the little house on the corner with the Italian Restaurant sign and all those tables in the front yard? It does look interesting...wonder how the food is......

Hi Andy - We're not crazy.....I think....I hope...maybe just a bit odd?


Hey guys, I used to live next door to Rafaella's and two doors down from Leilani's. The beauty of Rafaella's is it's a BYO beer and wine (she doesn't sell alcohol), so you can get a nice meal with your own wine for a bargain price! I'll leave the food comments for someone else...


That's so funny about the shoyu bottle on the tables. And you can really see them in your photo. I guess we in Hawaii take it for granted. Good one Kirk!!!


mmm, that Hilo Style loco moco looks good!

i know what you mean about waiting a little longer to get your food at mom & pop type places; i love knowing that so much extra care is going into the meal you're about to have =)


Hi Vu - Thanks for the info.

Hi Lance - You know, it's those little things that you kind of pick up don't realize it, until you stop and think.

Hi Pam - You're right on target as usual!


i used to live right around the corner from leilani's. for some reason all i ever had there was breakfast... as for rafaella's, vu said it best. it's byob. it's one of those places that by the end of the meal you realize with a little effort you could have made a much better meal.


Hi Dave - I can understand, seeing that Leilani's is only open till 2 pm.


Hi Kirk,
one other place that I like to go to is Big Kahuna off of Ingraham and PB Drive. The portion is good and the pull pork with cabbage is very good. They have this sampler plate that's not bad to try.


Hi Didi - Big Kahuna's is coming up!

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