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Friday, 10 November 2006



HOLY MACARONI SALAD Kirk! I think I might swoon from these photos. But umm... how about a challenge for you. I have pieces and parts of 5 deer... SO far. I hear there is more to come. What would YOU do with a dead deer. And yes, I do mean the ENTIRE dead deer! ;o)


Deer jerky!

Christine D.

Ahh...drool!!! I am seriously salivating from these pictures!

I wonder what kinds of Hawaiian grinds you can make with deer...


Hi Jo - I hope it wasn't scraped off someone's bumper....;o) Funny you should mention this....I'd probably try to find a place like this:

Hi Cathy - Prof Salt had me taste some Elk Jerky kinda thingy...really good!

Hi Christine - Good question - never really gave it much thought. Hmmmmm...


Hi, do you have an email contact?
I just have a question about the SD Area, since I just moved here - know any good Japanese bookstores? Thanks.


Crap. I had a wedding planning appointment thingy this morning or I would have gone.

- Chubbypanda


I really begin to wonder if those homemade grills are better than restaurant grills that use real wood. Know why too, those contraptions (marvels) always have a cover on top of the food. Kinda keeps the flavor from escaping. I wish they would put covers on huli huli chicken at those benefit drives, either the chicken is dry or raw inside.


Hi Mike - Hope you got me Email.

Hi CP - We weren't able to make I'll update when I find out how the team did.

Hi RONW - Prof Salt can probably comment on that. But we used to grill on split barrels "back home" for big gatherings...worked pretty well.


Kirk, very difficult to avoid your blog when all the pictures you and Cathy take just look so enticing! I got to lay off your site so that I could lose some weight. My goal is to look fit and trim when my oldest graduates next year. Lol!


Hi Jean - My apologies...but also my best wishes for hitting your goal.


Thanks Kirk! Actually, we've got a place like that, Well's. They specialize in pork, but they do deer, elk, AND bear! I'm not interested in bear... ::bleah:: What I need to know is what do I do with it when it get's home in all the little packages. So far I've done dirty rice and chow fun with the sausage, chili with the ground meat, and a really delicious stew with the stew meat. I guess what I really need to know is what kind of dishes and spicing is compatible. All I'm really doing now is beef dishes. I was pondering a venison version of menchi katsu and perhaps mandu... steam buns perhaps? What about applying a char siu technique?

Nope, no bumpers involved... thank goodness! That would bruise the meat! =o)


Hi Jo - I'd get some of that Sichuan Peppercorn out.....Sounds like there are many possibilities! Venison Rib Roast with a nice sauce....Venison Burgers with Lebanese Style Garlic Sauce...whoa, it's much too late for me to be hungry!


Best of luck to our Professor. Oh rats...I think I missed it. Where is Imperial Beach anyway?

Professor Salt

Kirk, I really enjoyed your company. Thanks so much for stopping by with sake, that was a bonus surprise.

We ended up taking first place in pulled pork, second in brisket, third in chicken and third overall. Photos and yada yada are posted on my blog:

RONW: we used that barrel smoker to good effect on the brisket and chicken. Is it better /worse than any other type of cooker? Not really. Every cooker design has pros and cons. In judging, it's impossible to tell if the meat was cooked on a $200 backyard smoker or a $20,000 custom rig. It really is about the cook, not the cooker.


Hi Elmo - Imperial Beach is down in the Southern part of San Diego County.

Hi PS - Thanks again for the hospitality and all the wealth of information. I had a blast.

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