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Thursday, 16 November 2006



Umm, I'll take a bowl ;-)


Ba Ren?


Hi Billy - At $3.99 a bowl you can have more than one.

Hi Mark - 9 emailed guesses, all Ba Ren! But nope, not Ba Ren, it would be too easy.


I have no idea but that looks SO good! For $3.99?! You have no idea how ripped off I feel after just purchasing a $5 avocado sandwich! gesh. send me a bowl, please. :)


I'm feeling left out but for the hell of it and beside I don't know SD that well. LOL
I know you want it email but I doubt I guess it right ;-)

here is my guess - Jamillah Garden's


Hi Kathy - It's not bad for $3.99 - but if you check out the ingredients, there's a very common thread.

Hi Billy - Nope but at least you're in the right neighborhood, of sorts.

clare eats

how about Shanghai city?

BTW Hi!!!!! ;)

I have been reading everyday btw




Hi Clare - How're you doin', I've missed you! But sorry, nope - good guess though.

Hi Selina - Sorry...not Dede's.


i thought i knew every chinese restraurant in the kearny mesa area

guess not


If you have been there, you know those gumball/prize machines. Not many places have them.


hehehe... Kirk you are a tad on the wild side! Ya know, I'm sure I recognize the interior of that place but I don't have the energy to chase it down. Regardless, there isn't a Peet's in sight so free coffee wouldn't do me a speck of good. On the other hand, while I can't get decent Asian food for love nor money here abouts, MY espresso beans are custom roasted and blended JUST for me! ::smiles haughtily:: You and Missus really have to plan a visit! But when you do, you gotta bring some sticky rice, an assortment of dumplings, and several bahn mi!


Hi Clayfu - But I guess you don't know every Chinese Fast-Food restaurant in the area....nor did I!

Hi Cathy - No fair providing such good hints! LOL!

Hi Jo - Moi, wild????


OUI! Vu et wild! ;o)


or would it be "vu c'est"?



You crazy sonnuva gun. What a fun idea. Obviously not a perfect idea, since *I* couldn't play, but I had fun tracking this post.

- Chubbypanda


Hi CP - I used to do this every coupla weeks...and realized I hadn't done it in a while. Lot's of good guesses, but only 1 hit the jackpot.


Oh my god. I used to get greasy steam table takeout from that joint at least once a week when I lived in Clairemont Mesa. But it's been several months since I last set foot in there, so I completely blocked it out. I never bothered to look for off-menu items, and when I went on my health regimen and moved away from that neighborhood I never bothered to go back to that joint at all. And with all the better-but-still-cheap places I've discovered in recent months, chances are I still won't go back. But it's nice to know, if I ever get stuck going there again, that at least they offer something a little more attractive than their steam-table slop.


Hi Mizducky - Yeah, a cheap and interesting soup...not bad at all.

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