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Sunday, 05 November 2006



Hey Cathy!

That looks very very very YUMMY! You guys suck! Why do I keep torturing myself every morning reading this stuff and to make it worst it's all in San Diego!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhHHhhH! ;-)

Thanks again for torturing me...


Oh, like I woke you up, turned on your computer, clicked onto this site and sent you here....

Did you know the weather reports here show rain mesured in 1/100ths of an inch?...and that the Mister and I BBQ our Christmas meal? ....


"fish and chips" with zuchini fries sounds marvelous. you flinging around pots and pans today? whoops.


Hey, Ron...Hi. I was just being a little silly...If nhbilly is jealous of the food here...well, there are plenty of other things to envy also...

The zucchini fries are wonderful at this place, I must admit...


Wow... that chicken does look really good, as do those onion rings. I also liked how you said "greek style" because chances are it's not authentical Greek food. Growing up in a Greek-American household, i'm kinda strict on what "Greek" food is. Out of curiosity, did the tzatziki have dill in it?


hehehe, Just want to thank you guys for keeping me entertain in the morning and starving by noon


Hi again, Ted...I learned from you about 'style' versus 'authetic' Greek...and the tzatziki was more homemade, fresh tasting, no dill.

Yesm I could make a meal of the onion rings...the real thing, fresh.

Good mornin nhbilly- plan you lunch now...

Bill Close

Sorry, Cathy, but that fried food fest looks...gross. I haven't been overly impressed with any of the places you visited while Kirk was gone, they just don't seem to be anything special, just really pedestrian looking stuff. This isn't any personal attack on you, you eat what you like, but I wouldn't eat at 90% of the places you wrote about.


Hi, Bill- Well the onion rings and zucchini are just sides, the main stuff from this place is pretty healthily prepared..and none of it is overly greasy.

We all have our preferences, and I do go to a lot (most) of the same places Kirk does, and I don't want to repeat...that would be kind of boring.

This is a blog of what Kirk and I eat, mostly from the San Diego area... and I am just showing a variety of what we (the non-Asian, Polish girl from Detroit who married the Finnish boy) eat.

I am glad you look, though. If you have anyplace you think is interesting, let me know...I am not afraid of eating or trying anything....


Oh, I've been to this place.
The chicken indeed is very good. The lemon taste is excellent. Not too greasy either.
That's pretty much what I ordered there.


On the other hand Cathy, as a pedestrian, I would eat at 90% of the places you posted. As well as 90% of the places Kirk eats. You are so right; we should try a little bit of every thing!


Hi Didi-I have tried almost everything on the menu (the ribs are neat)also...I do like the lemony chicken here more than other places...

Hi PBHomey. Its OK, Bill wasn't saying anything bad, he just wouldn't agree to go to many of the places I go to..but I've probably been to places he has been to, I just didn't blog them...yet.

Its my first attempt at blogging and I mainly did familiar places...I have some places I have gone to the first-and last- time and will also blog them. I kind of want to make sure it wasn't a one time bad day for the kitchen...and really if a place is bad, it won't be in business,whether I say something or not...

One thing you will *never* see me eat is lima beans, a horrid childhood memory...


I've seen this place and have always thought about checking it out. Thanks


this is a personal favorite of potato salad ever! so suprised to have seen some fellow foodies blogging about it. good pick and take care.


Hey pnutz- I am so glad I mentioned this one...was unsure how many East County Foodies there are...I have to evaluate the potato salad again, now..I know they make it in house....

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