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Sunday, 26 November 2006



Fruit punch jello?! Why, I thought Hawaii would have been the first to create something like that :)

Passionate Eater

Haha, a buffet is a PERFECT post-Thanksgiving meal Kirk! And I'd love to read a "Buffet for Dummies" book! You gotta give the readers tips to get their money's worth--like expanding their stomachs with water a day or two in advance!


Hi Kathy - Funny, I had the same thought....doesn't taste what I think Fruit Punch Jello would be, though.

Hi PE - LOL! Expanding your stomach? I think you should write that book. Remind me never to challenge you to an eating contest.

Captain Jack


I was there about a year ago and it was very tasty. I should go back.


Mediterranean buffet--yum! Definitely need to check this out.


Hi Capt Jack - Yes, the food is pretty good as buffets go.

Hi Mizducky - Yes, I think it's worth your while.

The Office Goat

I once heard a guy advocating a diet of RC cola and salted peanuts for pre-holiday/buffet stomach expansion. He said the RC was the highest-carbonation cola and that the salt peanuts would help it foam up even more! Urp...


Hi TOG - Sounds like a major bubbly stomach, and many trips to the restroom! The things people go through never cease to amaze me!

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