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Tuesday, 14 November 2006


Christine D.

"Chopstix Too, part too...he-he-he" Haha! about bargain city! Better take advantage of it while it lasts!

I don't recall, but have you and Cathy ever bumped into each other at the same restaurant?


You guys are too funny....


If anyone on mmm-yoso likes Asian Cinema, Sing Young Music World near Chopstix Too has a great DVD selection.
I'm not affiliated, but their business seems to have dipped since their renovation, and I don't want them to go out of business. Sorry for the plug, Kirk.


I must ask your metabolism on overdrive? All of your meals look soooo scrumptious, but if I ate this much Hawaiian, Japanese-fried or take-out food, I would be as big as Dodger's Stadium! I envy that you can eat whatever you want and not worry. You're so lucky, and the food all looks so delicious.


"Talk about setting yourself up for success."

My wife told me about this place a couple of weeks ago because her friend works there. That was my first thought; fast and cheap food before or after shopping at Mitsuwa...Brilliant!!!


It looks like the food is really similar to a little place by my house called Takaraya.

I love this style of Japanese "fast" food. Still much better for you than Mickey Dees.

- Chubbypanda


Hi Christine, Cathy here...Kirk and I have only met when we planned it ahead of time, but there were so many times the Mister and I thought we had found someplace unique..and the very next day Kirk wrote about it, so its been a running joke about him stalking me. I like your idea for the title.
Hi Billy...we are trying to be creative writers...about food..
Thanks for the info, Trent. We can check it out now.
Ah, Anne...catching on to the 'secret' of blogging...lots of the photos are of multiple visits...and we (Kirk and his Missus and me and The Mister)do cook at home a lot..and are, all of us, better cooks than you know....and none of us is what you would call 'skinny'..we eat the fried stuff for one meal a day...and pretty much for the just see it blogged as if we do it all the time...its all an illusion!
Hey Brunchmaster! You got it... with so much better parking..but the new inside Mitsuwa Restaurant should open soon...The old place was good.
Hello CP..yes, its kind of perfect. I do have some fast food cravings, but its usually for a single item, and fairly rare.


Well, you two for the price of one responses as well!

Hi Christine - You know, I never developed the ability to walk away from a silly pun! Sorry...

Hi Billy - What a team, huh?

Hi Trent - Man, I haven't walked into the place in a long time.

Hi TAG - Well since I'm only the size of Staples Center...I guess I've got a ways to go! LOL! I think Cathy covered everything pretty well.

Hi Jim - Brilliant indeed.

Hi CP - Tastes better than that stuff at Mickey D's as well.

Hey Cathy - Now I'm stalking your comments too! ;o)

Joseph E

I remembered this post and decided to stop in last night. By coincidence I ordered the same combo that Kirk had tried; I agree with this assessment. I thought there was a bit too much sauce on the teriyaki, but the chicken was tender and seemed to have been marinated well. The tempura wasn't bad, and I actually liked the miso soup quite a bit. I also thought $0.50 for a pot of hot tea was a nice deal.

I didn't try the sushi, but I saw a family order a nice-looking sashimi plate. The waitress said most nigiri was available for $1.50 a piece.


Hi JosephE - I think the prices right now are a bargain, the food is not're getting what you pay for. Pretty nice folks too.


Hi Joseph...The food is pretty much the same here as at Chopstix, where I always get the tempura side order...there are a few different things here and the extensive sushi and sashimi choices make it a slightly better place to try. It isn't any kind of fancy Japanese place, but then again, I'd rather have some good food rather than a fancy location or view.

Chopsticks Too

This place SUCKs! The Service SUCKs! and the food Sucks!

Don't even think about staying too long, they will actually ask you to leave. I dare you to linger.


Ummm OK - I'm hoping you are able to articulate the problem you have with this place with a bit more maturity. Or how about some specifics?


So, you try to linger in places where you don't like the food or service. When I finish eating at Chopstix Too, I will walk over to Mitsuwa or the Starbucks, where I do linger. They never chase me away...Please tell us what happened, or happens every time you go to this place where you don't like the food or service.

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