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Thursday, 02 November 2006



when i used to live in mira mesa this place used to be soooooooo ghetto. Aka hole in the wall.

looks like they added a whole new element. Too bad i'm closer to dede's now =x


Too bad Kirk. I love Salt and Pepper shrimp and the pic you have looks pretty tasty. Oh well...


Hey Kirk!
The rice crust dish does look at bit lackluster - oh but man, remember how good it can taste when done right?! :) Uh oh...cravings coming on...I really should stop reading food blogs. So bad. So bad!

wandering chopsticks

Darn it! I shouldn't have looked at this b/c now you've got me craving ChungKing! I can just smell the perfumey aroma of the peppercorns. Kirk, you know they opened a new location in San Gabriel?

I had to chuckle about your comment about driving around looking for food places. I've got a foodie friend who plans out where she wants me to take her to eat when she visits. And our activities are then tailored around where we plan to eat. :)


Boy do I hate reading your blog every morning I come in for work. Always makes my stomache GROWL! Food looks great seems like something I can whip up ;-)



I also got a kick out of Kirk's "Yes, doesn't everybody?" response. When my sister comes to visit, we do the same thing "Wandering Chopsticks" described. Heck, every friday I check mmm-yoso as part of my weekend planning!


Hi Clayfu - You just can't get a break, can you? LOL!

Hi Ted - At least if you live or work in the area, there are more choices. The cumin lamb at Dede's has always been good, so I figure it's probably good here as well.

Hi Kathy - Yes, well done rice delici-yoso!!!

Hi WC - Man you've made me crave ChungKing as well! And I'm over a 100 miles away! BTW, I didn't know you had your own blog! I'll make sure to create a link.

Hi Nhbilly - You can whip stuff up? You must be a great cook.

Hi Trent - Well, doesn't everybody?? LOL! Hope you're having a great weekend.


Hey Kirk:
The shrimp looks great. I see that you ordered a lot of food. Is this food for just you and your missus?


Hi Ben - We have a mantra..."leftovers are our friend".

wandering chopsticks

Hey Kirk,

I started my own blog bc of you! :) I live 100 miles away and yet I keep reading your reviews in case I ever go down to SD. Heh, I kept lurking on yours and Elmo's site until I decided I needed to catalogue my own eating.

BTW, I tried out the ChungKing here after your review of the other Sichuan restaurant down there that had the original ChungKing chef. What a roundabout circle eh?


Hi WC - Well ,I'm quite flattered, but also very happy...I'm sure we'll find a few more new places to eat at during our visits to LA!


Mmmm... Chinese bacon... Well, it's always nice to have more Sichuan options even though we have Ba Ren. We need more restaurants that serve pork belly...


Hi Howie - Pork fats rules, huh? ;o)

sam sheng

China Chef Sichuan has changed a lot since then. Dishes are amazingly delicious and portions are unbelievably big for the prices. Service is very good too.


Hi Sam - Welcome, and thanks for commenting. I don't think that you've read my updates on China Chef:

In my opinion it is a decent to good (not exceedingly good) choice. To me they do a good job with the tea smoked duck.Service is very good...portions are decent, about the same as Dede's. To me they are in the same class as Dede's.

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