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Monday, 27 November 2006



looks good - loco moco for breakfast?
can't complain I eat almost anything for breakfast. LOL


that's the only way to eat lau lau, with all the ti leaves still on.


The balls are bread? Do tell... I guess I missed that original post. You say "cheese cheese" what exactly do you mean by that? I've mastered a great french loaf out of desperation for decent bread and it make AWEsome garlic bread. These "balls" sound like something I might like to give a shot.


Hi Billy - I consider Loco Moco to be breakfast...must be the eggs!

Hi RONW - Yep those Ti leaves add flavor.

Hi Jo - Check out the photo on Reid's post. It's basically garlic bread balls baked in butter topped with melted cheese.


Yep, I did that! The bread just finished the first rise... I was wondering about what kind of cheeses are used. I have cheddar and parmesan but it looks like there is cheddar and mozzerela?


Hi Jo - FWIW, the menu says a "Five Cheese Blend"....whatever five cheeses that would be????


hmmm.... ::frowns thoughtfully::


Hi Jo - As good a five as any.....


::snickers:: Yep, that's where my head went. You know what else we DON'T have here? Along with donuts and decent bread? Monterey Jack cheese. You can get pepper jack in a few places, but just plain jack is not easy to come by.... bizzare!


No good Loco Moco here... The best I've ever had was at a restaurant in Hilo near the farmers market. I forgot the name but it's kind of a trucker stop not far from Hilo Airport.


Hi Joe - By here, you mean San Diego, right?


Okay so does anyone actually have a complete recipe for the "big kahuna's balls"? I would really like one....they were my mom's fave when we lived there and i would love to make her some for her 70th b/day

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