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Friday, 20 October 2006



Kirk good post of one of Maui's specialty snacks. Sorry to hear about your incident but unfortunately it's been happening frequently. 'Paradise' has changed alot huh?


Hi Kirk! Mmmmmm, I wish we would have tried this!!! (And we passed by the Maui Mall a couple times too!) That's exactly why we want to go we can go eat at all the places we missed on this last trip! =)

Sorry to hear about the break-in! Yeah, it seems as if there's alot of that, huh? Right after leaving OGG, we saw a couple filing a police report for the same thing on our 1st stop. That sucks, but I'm glad you & your Missus didn't let it ruin your vacation.


Hi Kirk,

Welcome back! I think many people have the misconception that Hawaii is a paradise and there is no crime there. Having visited the islands quite of times; that is definitely not the case!

At least you still had the camera and you probably needed new clothes anyway.



I'm sorry about what happened to you on Maui. I've heard that there's been an increase in crime there lately.

I hope you still had a good time though. How long were you there?


license plates on most rental cars start or end with set-numbers or letters (I'm sure they still do), which are the cars thieves target. Old rule was that if you've a rental car, local person or not, don't leave anything visible locked inside, with the possible exception of an IED (would not bother me at all).


Bummer about the car. I've heard that the Maui Mall and the Ka'ahumanu (sp?) mall is a favorite area for break-ins.

Missed having guri-guri last year when we were in Maui for a couple of days. Sounding great right now in this warm spell.


Hey Kirk!
I'm sorry about the theft - that's so lame, and clearly something that should have never happened :( Bachi man, bachi, whoever stole your stuff will get what they deserve!

Can you believe I've never had Guri-Guri? Man, what kinda islander am I - you make me feel so guilty (and hungry!) :)


That sucks about the break-in. I'm going to the Big Island in a week, I will definitely be extra careful. But still I'm sad, because you say that Guri Guri can only be had in Maui. I wonder if the Big Island has some of its own specialities.

Christine D.

Oh man, i'm sorry about the break-in! Those people make me sick to my stomach. But i agree that what goes around comes around, so one of these days those people are gonna get it!

But your trip is looking great despite of this, and i can't wait to see more!


Hi Kyle - Well, the guri-guri was as good as I remember.

Hi Pam - I'd heard alot about break-ins at the beaches, but not at a small busy shopping mall.

Hi Jim - Any high tourist destination will have these types of problems. What surprised me was that the people who did this broke in, stole, and got out in 15 minutes, in a busy parking lot.

Hi Reid - We stayed for 5 nights, and are ever so thankful that we had a condo with a washer/dryer.

Hi RONW - I thought that the rental agencies had stopped doing that in the early 90's? That's not an old's the rule, we had an SUV, so I guess they really scoped us out.

Hi Jack - I had been told to watch the beaches and the parking lot's in the Lahaina area, but this was a fast one.

Hi Kathy - There used to be a few places that made Goodie-Goodie on Oahu, but they are long gone, probably before your time. Still, if you're ever on Maui.....

Hi Elmo - Cafe 100, serves a version called Goodie-Good, that's not quite as good, but you'll get an idea of the flavor. I've been to the Big Island over a dozen times, and have never had fact, I rarely ever have had anything like this happen.

Hi Christine - Stay tuned, there's more coming up!


Re: thieves targeting rental cars by recognizing their different license plates....

Maybe the rent-a-car companies indeed did do away with the give-away-license plates. Car break-ins in broad daylight are really a symptom of an ice problem in Hawaii. When they eradicated illegal pakalolo (grass) patches with helicopters, ice became more common place. Curing one vice contributed to a bigger one. Let's instead talk about food : )


Good god. Every tourist's worst nightmare. That's one of the reasons I don't take much of value with me on vacations. Cat and my general rule of thumb is to only pack things that can be easily replaced if stolen. The only exceptions are my work cell phone, camera, and work laptop, which I carry with me at all times.

- Chubbypanda


Hi RONW - Yes, let's talk about food......

Hi CP - We really didn't lose anything of real value, we left the laptop home, and the rest of the stuff we carried with us....but the feeling of violation lives on!


I had Maui Hot Dogs when I was there in June 2005. Was what I had fake?


Hi Christian - If what you had was a "bright red", than it was probably a Redondo Hawaiian "Winner"(local made), I don't quite recall who made the original Maui Hot Dog, but it was bright red, and the dye came off on the bun(or rice) and they were attached link style. If I can remember I'll let you know.


guri guri is always the first stop.


Hi d - As it should be......


anyone have a good recipe for guri-guri?


Hi Deiane - You can try this one:

Good Luck!

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