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Thursday, 26 October 2006



We liked Sansei a lot, but we went to the one in Kihei. I forgot which day of the week, but we took advantage of their 1/2 price night. Kinda had to use our medical training when the person at the next table syncopized...maybe they couldn't believe how cheap the bill was for such good food!


oh, i didn't know the sansei in kapalua had reopened! we never made it here either, but we really wanted to b/c we heard good things. we had passed by the one in kihei when going to foodland and there was a line of people waiting to get in before the restautant opened.

i'm glad you're covering alot of the places we didn't get to try! =)


Hey Kirk,
Any chance of sharing your recipe for butterfish?......

We haven't been to the new location but have gone to the previous location many times. It sounds and looks the same to me. Pretty good, some ups, some downs. Didn't care for the sushi they served...or at least for the price they charged.



I'm glad you had a good time at Sansei and I'm really glad you got good service. I've been to Sansei three times and each time the service got progressively worse! I swore never to go back!


Very nice post, Kirk. I agree that when fusion cuisine is bad, it's really bad. In fact, I haven't yet had what I would call "good" fusion food, and oftentimes I'll say, "Fusion is for atoms."

I am also interested in misoyaki. Could that word be used to describe the miso grilled salmon they have at Tajima?


It seems strange that Ramen and fried sushi would be among the weakest dishes. I guess they were just too busy. Anyway, it's great to hear about how nice of a time you had despite an unfortunate start.


nice review...yummy raw fishy ;-)



An excellent sushi Frenzy. I couldn't have done any better myself.

So what you're telling me is I should just get about five orders of Fois Gras Nigiri if I ever go? =D

- Chubbypanda


Hi Liverbomb - That customer doesn't realize how lucky he/she was.

Hi Pam - I believe they reopened during the last week of September. The crowd was pretty crazy.

Hi Jack - The next time the Missus requests it, Ill do a post.

Hi Reid - We had really great service, probably due to our Server who did a super job. I had expected really lousy service due to the huge crowd, but was pleasantly surprised.

Hi Fred - Yes, I would think that you could call it Misoyaki. It's "Miso" and Yaki means grilled.

Hi Trent - I think the roll was obviously premade and sitting around, letting the fish get overcooked and letting the dish get cold. The ramen was just a mess.

Hi nhbilly - Yes, really yummy...especially the Foie Gras!!!

Hi CP - Just don't check your cholesterol level after eating all of that. LOL!


We spent $200 between 2 people at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, and the best thing that my companion said on the menu was the miso black cod. You know how to make it better? Ohh. Can you please share the recipe?
Much thanks...


have you ever tried monkfish liver?


Hi J - Personally, I don't think the version I make is a big deal, but the Missus likes it....I'll do a post and recipe next time I make it. Not really anything but Misoyaki Black Cod with a few variations.

Hi RonW - I love Ankimo, I adore Ankimo. And winter is the best time for it. I was wondering if I've posted any photos:

I'm kinda careful where I get it from. I've had some really bad versions of it.


Hi Kirk: I simply love seafood. Looks like you had a great time in Hawaii. Never been there and do want to make a visit someday. When I do, I'll print off your archives as a guide. More coming?


Hi Ben - Yes, a few more coming! And of course Pam from Daily Gluttony got married on Maui, and is still posting about it:

And Jeni from Oishii Eats recently visited one of my favorite restaurants on Oahu:

And the penultimate resource is Reid from Ono Kine Grindz:


Wow, thanks for the links ... I like those kind of sites!


We went last night, and happened to order many of the same dishes you did. The butterfish was definitely the highlight! Our panko crusted ahi looked better than your pictures (ruby red) so I think you unfortunately got unlucky. Couldn't note the truffles in the ramen, but thought it was good as well as the ravioli. We also got the apple tart and the tempura fried ice cream - the apple tart was light but the caramel sauce was the highlight, the tempura crust was a bit thick, but fried+ice cream = good. A lot of nearby tables asked their servers about our desserts.

There is also a discount on food (not alcohol though) if you get there between 5:30-6:00. There was a line out to the street when we got there at 5:20 but everyone got seated.


Hi thranduil - There's alsolate night specials on Friday and Saturday.

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