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Wednesday, 25 October 2006



I've read twice about Poke but had never tried it. This certainly looks like my kind of food. I don't think there are Poke places in Vancouver -- never heard of it. How much does each costs normally?


i recently stumbled onto your site from a chowhound link... thanks for sharing your sd dining experiences...

i wish i could remember the name, but there is a poke counter operating out of one of the supermarkets near the airport in maui.... i recall it was a japanese name..... anyhow, they had all types of poke, including a dungeness crab claw poke that i have been craving ever since i was there last year (2005)... if you find it, please critique so i can see if i'm not off base

when you get back to sd, i found that bristol farms in la jolla makes ahi poke fresh daily, they have two types regular and spicy although, the spicy is not at all spicy that i can tell... bristol farm's poke can't compare at all to maui poke so make sure to have your fill while there

enjoy the rest of your time in maui... looking forward to reading more of your posts


Hey Kirk,
You got me on my speed again! Here we go, my fav supermarket poke is...Foodland! Yep, my personal fav is the masago wasabi!! Yea baby! Followed closely by the shoyu poke. I remember KTA on the Big Island being the first store to offer poke in the 'supermarket'. Did you check out Oshii on Ruger Mkt?? They are good too but $$$.


Hi Kirk, welcome back and sorry about your break in. Have you found good Poke in SD? I believe there is restaurant of the same name in the gas lamp. Where would you reccomend for great poke?


Raw fish--yum! :-) Oh, and love the landscape shots--the one of that maze is really trippy-looking!


Poke! Panda want!

I need to find some good poke here in OC to slake the cravings inspired by this post. I think I'll swing by my local Marukai this weekend.

BTW, Cat thinks you're a bad bad man for what you do to my diet. I call you my Lil' Maui Scapegoat. "But Kirk made it sound so goooood~..." =)

- Chubbypanda


Nice find Kirk. I've had a miserable poke meal at the Star market in Kihei. I'll have to remember this for future trips.

And the best poke in SD? That would be in your kitchen! It's all about the ingredients and how you like your poke. Man, I'm going to have to make some poke this weekend!


Hi Ben - Prices vary wildly, based on what type of seafood(Tako, raw crab, what kind of fish) - it usually runs from about $7/lb all the way to $20/lb. You don't need much, inless you're a pig like me. But Poke and very, very, nice!

Hi Joey - Thanks so much for taking the time out to comment, I appreciate it! We were actually on Maui during the first week of October, and have kind of taken a short break after. I don't recall seeing any other makret other than Star and Safeway, but I could've missed something.

Hi Kyle - I can almost live out of KTA! I'm from the Kaimuki area so I know Ruger Market real well - I was amazed at how expensive it was! Itai....

Hi Mark - Are you thinking of Mr Tiki? It was really lousy. As to where to get Poke in SD? I've yet to come across good Poke in San Diego - two main ingredients are missing - Ogo and Inamona. Sammy will make you Poke if you want, but it's pretty expensive.

Hi Mizducky - Yeah, it was funny to be walking along...and suddenly seeing all those concentric circles.

Hi CP - Hey man, please don't blame me if you can't fit in you tux! Cat will hunt me down and kill me......Go to Marukai and buy Ogo and Maguro, and you can make your own Poke.

Hi Jack - You're absolutely right!


ah yes--the lahaina safeway! i needed a snack one afternoon so i made isaac take me there. i got the ahi limu--gotta agree w/ your Missus--it was a bit undersalted. i wish i knew i coulda sampled! i ate that ahi limu poke with some maui potato chips and leftover wedding cake on our hotel lanai overlooking kaanapali beach. totally random, but it was great and totally relaxing at the time!


Hi Pam - Maybe this Guy wasn't working that day...I mean he really wanted us to sample everything. Poke, Chips, and Cake...what an interesting meal!


I'm salivating at that glistening poke! KTA market is going to be my campsite when I get to Hilo next week.


Hi Elmo - I hope you have a blast.

ed (from Yuma)

You don't know how tough it is looking at all that wonderful poke (and tako wasabi) out here in the desert. Out here though, I can get dozens of different kinds of carne, peurco, & pollo marinado from markets. But no poke. go figure.


Hi Ed - Hope is all is well...other than the scarcity of Tako Wasabi in Yuma! I think you'd have a field day with all the Poke......


Hi Ed, Great site...I am trying to make Poke right now and checked your blog out for tips. One thing I found puzzling though...I read not long ago that all fish sold in US supermarkets have been frozen at some point. In fact this is supposed to be better as it kills any unwanted worms etc...It was an article in NY times (no I don't live there)



next time you come back maui go to sack-n-save poke is mo betta


On Maui go to Takamiya market in Happy Valey.

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