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Monday, 23 October 2006



I am soooo looking forward to going to Hawaii next week. I hope the sights are as beautiful as you've shown them to be.

Green Turtle

Wow! Loco Moco for under $5, wish there was a place here in SD for that price. I tried Mrs. Rice based on Cathy's blog while you were gone, had a $1 off coupon, their plate lunch had 1 scoop of rice and 1 scoop of mac salad and the main dish being your choice of either BBQ beef or chicken. They even have Korean sliced beef short ribs, but personally, I prefer going to Zion and getting them premarinated then grilling them up at home. Unfortunately, Zion raised their prices up to $3.49/lb when it used to be $2.99/lb.


Mmm... Loco moco. I have yet to try a really good one, but I have "hiiiiiigh hopes".

- Chubbypanda


hey kirk! actually, we stayed up in ka'anapali for most of our trip. on our 1st day at the resort (which was the morning after the wedding and we were dead tired) we decided to stay on the resort and the beach for the morning & afternoon which meant that we ate breakfast at the hotel. yeah, how do you say "forty dollars for a crappy omelette & pancakes"? i guess that's the price you pay for relaxation; but i would definitely rather have gone up there instead!


Hi Elmo - I'm sure you'll have a blast, and we'll all read about it!

Hi GT - I like Zion when the ribs are going for like $1.99-$2.25/lb, and make my own marinade....though the premarinated stuff isn't too bad.

Hi CP - I have yet to find a "perfect" loco moco. It would seem to be so simple......

Hi Pam - We actually snorkled around Black Rock - never realized that they made it so difficult to find public parking in Ka' wonder the locals get PO'd. We lucked out one afternoon, and on another morning we waited until the tiny(10 stalls) public lot opened at 7am. I have a severe aversion to tourist traps.....that comes from being born and raised there.


I had a feeling you would do this post.You can sniff out all the good ones! I too had the loco moco and thought the same as you.

Last year we stayed a couple of nights at the Hyatt in Kaanapali for a family reunion and I made it a point to have breakfast here every morning. Nothing like deep fried spam in the morning! Couldn't get that in hotel hell. There is something about standing in line next to local police officers, golf course workers, and other local types that makes me feel at home. Other than in Wailuku, I don't get that feelling anywhere else on Maui...and Maui is one of my favorites.


Hi Jack - It was good to see that there was a place that the locals could afford to eat at. Actually, if I had my choice, I mighta' stayed on Wailuku, but I don't think that would have worked!


I hear ya. It's the reason we stay in Wailea when we are in Maui :)


Ha, I might've camped out in Sam Sato's Parking Lot...bummers that they were on vacation and closed during the week we were there.


Bummer, of all weeks! That is definitely a must-do whenever we visit.


do you know where i can find pre cooked san francisco roast duck? I would like to take it from maui to vegas.

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