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Thursday, 19 October 2006



Welcome Back Kirk!!! We missed you, but Cathy did a GREAT job holding the mmm-yoso fort down!

Gee, I wonder where this place was??? LOL! Funny, it's not even home, but your pics make me "home"sick--I wanna go back!!!! Looking forward to your posts! I've been slowly getting around to posting mine! ;)


Woooooo Kirk!

I have to say, this is probably the best interim I've ever seen a blogger provide in their absence. Thanks for having such a great substitute!

Christine D.

Welcome back! Your pictures make me feel as though I have gone on a vacation too, and I really need one especially after my midterm today!

Thanks for the birthday wishes too!


Why didn't you tell me you were going to be in "town"? Hope you had a nice time...sorry for being away for so long!


Kirk, you give such a tough test! Welcome back. I have to say that Cathy did do a great job taking over your blog... Her pictures and reviews made my stomach growl with hunger.


Hey Kirk! This was the first day this month I didn't have to report on what I ate, so you know what I had? Braunschweiger with mustard and onions on white bread...
Oh, and now I am settling in to watch the World Series....Go Get 'Em, Tigers! Its 1968 all over....
We'll talk when that is over...
Your quiz photos are good. I don't know what is stored in plastic that needs to not be exposed to sunshine...not sunlight mind you, sunshine...


welcome back Kirk. loco moco ;-)

thanks Cathy for keeping this blog rolling smoothly.



Welcome home! Although I'm clueless on where it was you went. Looks like Hawaii because of the loco moco (or is it loco moco)? Maybe it's just hamburger with some sort of cheese and gravy on top...Yep, I'm stumped.

I echo everyone in saying Cathy did a great job! She should really start her own blog.


welcome back kirk, whohooo! missed yah man ^-^

thank you, cathy for doing a good job keeping this page alive too!

so you were in holland and didn't inform me? he he *wink*

love that last picture, kirk.


Hurray! Kirk is back!

- Chubbypanda


Maui looks good kirk! That Guri Guri looks ono!


hey Kirk, was that you driving the mercedes benz with the golf clubs in the back seat?

ed (from Yuma)

Welcome back - Cathy did well, but it just wasn't the same.

The loco moco does look wonderful. But you were back before the earthquake, right?


Howzit Kirk...did you bring home some chips as well? Welcome back.


Yay! You're back Kirk!
Is that guri guri I spy?
And loco moco with some rich, rich, dark and salty gravy?
You went home, you luck person, didn't you?! :)


Hi Pam - I must say, you did have a hand in our vacation of course you know where we went!

Hi Zabuni - Yes, Cathy did an awesome job, I was so very impressed.....

Hi Christine - Thanks, and I hope the mid-terms went well.

Hi Reid - Well, I wasn't really in "town" per se. I will be sure to let you know, when I am!

Hi Jean - Yes, Cathy did an amazing job, like She was born to be a blogger!

Hi Cathy - I'm glad you're able to not worry about taking photos of what you eat, but I'm sure you've found that Food Blogging does change you. Of course in Hawaii, it's not just's Sun-Shine! LOL!

Hi nhbilly - Yep, it's a locomoco!

Hi Elmo - Cathy should, shouldn't she? And yes, it is Hawaii, but of course you knew that already!

Hi Thess - I still miss the tropical weather and the beaches in Holland! ;o) I'm glad you're able to find time to post again!

Hi CP - I've missed your comments! And I'm glad to be back.

Hi Dean - That Guri-Guri was only Guri-Guri could be!

Hi RONW - Sorry not me! After all I'm not a Golfer...I keep spilling all the food over Myself while swinging!

Hi Ed - Yes, we were back in town over a week before the earthquake.

Hi Jack - Yes, brought home a few bags of chips.

Hi Kathy - Not truly "home", but close enough. And I knew I couldn't sneak Guri-Guri past your keen eye.


Welcome Back Kirk!!! I've missed you. Can't wait to see what sort of things you will be sharing with us :)


Hi Rachel - Thanks so much...I know you're really busy, so I appreciate you taking the itme out to visit.


Welcome back Kirk! Cathy did an exceptional job while you were away. She should really start her own blog! I'd visit every day!


Hi Jenn - Cathy did a fantastic job, didn't She????

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